• Yes, it’s true that somewhere along the way you fell in love with photography. And now you wonder how you might be able to share that love with others in a way that will keep you… 

    ? Connected to your creative expression,

    ? Meeting and inspiring other women like you, 

    ? And making enough money to give your family some serious financial wiggle room.

We created a unique way for you to do all of this and more in the Momtography Club Reconnect Collective! 

  • Think of the Collective as your “business tricycle”.

    A space for you to practice pedaling forward in business without the fear of falling down. I know you’re not usually a risk taker…

    ? You want to try out a business AND you want to be 0% alone while you do it.

    ? You’re curious about what it might look like to do something more with your creativity.

    ? You’d love to experiment with a business without the added commitment of investing $$$$$$$$$$$ in your own website, shopping cart, logo, etc…

The Reconnect Collective gives you the freedom, support, and mentorship to do all of this and more.

You’ll get the business tools you need for earning money from your creativity.

You’ll be welcomed into our soft, safe, heart-centered environment where you’ll learn how to do ALL THE BUSINESS THINGS without the nagging feelings of failure, disappointment, or perfection that keep you frozen with fear.

Best of all, The Reconnect Collective doesn’t require the continuous selling pressure that comes with joining an MLM (!!!)

I used to be the world’s worst risk taker…

  • I was terribly shy, uncomfortable in my skin, and worried about keeping everyone else around me happy.

    I was living the “responsible” life and doing it by society’s book:

    Get an amazing education ✅

    Meet a good man ✅

    Have a traditional wedding ✅

    Focus on career growth ✅

    Buy a home ✅

    Adopt a cat (or two!) ✅

    Have a baby ✅

    Except something was missing. I felt trapped as I looked up to other creative friends who were doing unique and amazing things.

    I had no idea how to carve out a similar path for myself so I just kept moving forward with what I knew.

In a rock bottom moment of losing our first pregnancy, I started questioning everything about my life. I realized no matter how much I tried to do life “right” so much was out of my control. I got more curious about what it might look like to let go of the “responsible” and “safe” path to start a business that made me feel more creative and free.

Ten years, one rainbow baby, 4 tattoos, and 5 websites later – everything and nothing has changed. I’m showing up for life “present not perfect” and living each day fiercely committed to my family and myself.

But, I wouldn’t be here (with a business that gives me creative freedom and flexibility) unless someone else showed me what was possible, took my hand, and believed in me and my dreams before I believed them myself…

  • With support I learned how to design a life that honored my dedication to being an amazing mom, but also created space to be more than a mom too. 

    Photography was the bridge – a hobby that made me feel whole while creating a legacy for our family along the way.

    Sharing the power and passion of picking up a camera with other like minded moms, was the path to financial freedom that I never imagined possible.

    I promise, this path is possible for you too…

    And I’d be honored to guide you each and every step of the way. Because I know embarking on a new journey can be scary. But with the right mentor there by your side guiding you through the unknown, you can create something incredible that you never imagined possible! 

REAL TALK: this path requires dedication. We’ll get you as close to an easy button as having a business can be — while still allowing for flexibility and growth.

Instead of hosting sales event after sales event, disguised as a party where you try to convince everyone to buy stuff they may or may not need — you’ll be gathering like minded women together who are genuinely craving time away from their families to learn more about the hobby they love.

find your people

As you learn to ride this “business tricycle” you will do both inner and outer work! But, you’ll also find….

✅ Magic that unfolds from blazing your new creative path.

✅ Ease and relief when you receive a step-by-step roadmap to stop you from swirling in business confusion (bringing you clarity and confidence).

✅ Fun and support with mentors and friends who will celebrate each of your tiny wins (and dust you off and keep you moving forward when you fall).

A special invitation (because I believe in you!!) 

? FREE (Virtual) Reconnect Retreat ?


  • Let’s explore what it can look like to truly show up as more than a mom. Our virtual afternoon together will be divided into 3 creative soul-care sessions. Sessions that will grant you the permission to….

    ? Dream Bigger

    ? Be Braver

    ? Do It Wrong 

    (aka: you’ll get curious, find inner courage, and drop the perfectionism that may be stressing you out) 

FRIENDLY REMINDER: You do not need to be a photography or business expert to join us for the Reconnect Retreat!

At our retreat you’ll get curious, reconnect with your creative self, and have me there live showing you what is possible within our Momtography Club Reconnect Collective. It’s going to be a safe and supportive space for you to reconnect with YOU!

  • Wait….the retreat is virtual and on demand? What does that mean? 

    We’ve got you! It’s true that the retreat was previously scheduled as a live event Zoom event. (I promise it wasn’t just be me talking AT you for 3 hours…this is meant to be soul care time to be creative and connected with other moms like you).

    We’ve made the recording available because I get it…you’re a mom. With kids and family and plans and responsibilities. We want to make sure you can soak in all the goodness from this special event on YOUR schedule.

    So, this is a recorded session. But we will only make it available on demand for ONE WEEK after you register.

? Here’s How To Access The Reconnect Retreat ?

The virtual Reconnect Retreat is 100% free and available right now “on demand” but you do need to register – so we can learn a little more about you and how to best support you (plus send you all the details for where to watch the retreat replay!) 

⬇️ Reserve your spot ⬇️

It’s only 7 questions, that you can answer in 3 minutes or less!

These moms LOVE the Reconnect Retreat! 

  • Melissa B. 
    The virtual retreat helped me carve out dedicated time to focus on ME and my business. I love hearing what everyone is doing & learning from their experiences. I always leave a Reconnect Retreat feeling revitalized, energized & excited to have specific next steps for moving forward.
  • Casey R.
    I just had that feeling in my gut that I needed to share my photography passion with others, and it was because of this retreat that I was brave enough to begin facilitating Momtography classes and building my part-time family photography business.
  • Carrie S.
    These retreats have made me even MORE confident with my camera and opened up SO many other opportunities to support my community, share my love of photography, and do something just for ME (that also helps my family financially)!
  • Heather S.
    I love how you offered a safe space to work through my fears. I’ve built up my confidence, and been given the tools I needed to begin, which showed me that I had lots of ideas and expertise to offer others!

Want To Attend Our Next Reconnect Retreat?

It’s free to attend on Saturday August 7th and you can register and reserve your spot today. Registration will ensure you get all of the details for attending the event, and that you get access to the recording in case you can’t make all of it live that day.