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  • Connection

    You can be more present with yourself and your family

  • Curiosity

    Your dreams and desires matter and deserve to be explored

  • Coaching

    A camera will become your life coach and show you the way

  • Start here…with our Signature Photo Activity

    The 100 Steps Project!

    Use a camera (any camera!) to capture more of what matters. You’ll instantly turn around a bad mood, a rough week, or a challenging month and FEEL GOOD about your life. Bring more calm, connection, and creativity to your day (without taking tons of time out of your already crazy schedule) .

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    I was never that person who carried a camera wherever I went. But I fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. After an unexpected loss in 2011 I used my camera to heal from difficult emotions that surfaced – leading me down the incredible path of becoming an “accidental business owner”.

    As a former elementary school teacher, my true calling is in education. I LOVE helping moms of ANY skill level and with ANY camera and am on a mission to show families how to unlock their creative potential and find a bit of joy in each and everyday.

    With opportunities to join a club, take a class, or get coaching on how to start a creative business there is something for everyone to learn using a camera as a guide. Welcome to our fun, positive, and warm-hearted community.  Happy snapping!

“I would not be photographing at all if it weren’t for Momtography.  This group gave me the courage to start, the team is so generous with their time and advice.”

Beth H., Club Member

I enjoy all the Momtography teachings and inspiration. It is good to have regular inspiration to be creative and Momtography does that for me.

Britt J., Club Member

“I love Momtography because it’s comprised of a wonderful group of moms that is always 100% supportive of each other, whether it’s related to photography, mom stuff, or life in general. The monthly chats are a nice way to socialize with everyone about whatever topics come up. I’m SO glad I discovered this community in 2019…wish I’d found it sooner!”

Chris H., Club Member