Imagined Case Study // Katie Anderson

Something was missing for Katie Anderson.

She was at a crossroads professionally and personally. Her kids were getting a little older; her role as a mom was changing. She found herself asking “What’s my next step?”

Imagined was fabulous for exploring that question.

The space to think about what she wanted going forward was critical. And Katie says that she wouldn’t have had conversations with herself and her husband without the prompting that came from Imagined.

Through Imagined, Katie realized that even if she didn’t know what she wanted to do forever, that she could still move forward on dreams. And she figured out it was OK to think about what she wants right now.

She started to think about becoming a Momtography® teacher, and Imagined gave her the space to consider at what that might look like for her family. At the same time she explored going back to school to become a teacher. It was all about exploration.

“It’s so easy for us as women, moms, adults, to lose track of dreams and creativity. We fall into the trap of creativity equals hobby and job equals boring. Hearing how Beryl changed her story was inspiring and made me think outside my box.”

Katie loved the daily prompts in Imagined and the openness of people in the Facebook group. She found that other people’s stories and journeys help her keep doing the work and see how things that might feel tangental, like clearing space, could actually affect the work on her project. And having an accountability buddy on the same path helped too!

And she said, “Imagined is the first online class format I’ve actually followed through.”

Katie called Imagined, “A great safe space to think about what you need and what your dreams are.” And you don’t have to think of yourself as creative for that to be true.

“Imagined is grounded in creativity, but that’s not all it’s about. Imagined makes the scary ‘what’s next?’ exciting and fun and helps you break things down to move forward. As a mom you are creative. Imagined is really about self and refinding your self.”

Katie found Imagined at just the right time. At a time of chaos and questioning in her life, it kept her grounded and sane. Katie ultimately decided she would become a Momtography® teacher, but that’s not all she got out of it.

“Now I have these tools to go back to to get me through and address things before I’m too stressd or depressed. I manage things in much more manageable chunks. And I ask “What’s next?” with curiousity not dread.”

Imagined is a 6-week exploration moving you to action on your creativity through self-discovery, curiosity, and commitment to yourself and your life. Through emails and short daily action steps + 1:1 coaching with me, you’ll gain clarity and start moving toward your dreams.

Join me to move out of autopilot and reclaim your life!