The Best Photos Celebrate Love

Today’s post is brought to you by Recapture Self Community Manager, Jen Doolittle

Every Friday, we ask our Recapture Self Community to share one of their recent photos on our Facebook page. It’s one of my favorite days of the week. The range of images that come in is inspiring. There’s moments of love, connection, quiet, silliness. It touches my heart and brings a smile to my face. It’s also a beautiful reminder of why we take pictures in the first place – to capture the beauty in our lives, preserve our family memories and express who we are. Sometimes we get stuck in the ‘how’ of photography that we forget to celebrate the why. This month, I asked our local Momtography™ teachers to share some of their favorite photos and what they love about them. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into their heart.

Sarah Cruz, West Hartford CT Momtography Teacher

Ah if only I could be proud of the technicality of this photo, but it’s still one of my favorites. My littlest was home after preschool, the brothers at school and dad at work. Such a sport he’d let me set up photography playtimes. We’d do sessions with his stuffed dog, running outside, jumping in puddles. ‘Cause he loves costumes like me we wanted to do something with our favorite movie The Incredibles. I decided to have him jump off the coffee table toward the window for best light and cooperation (who doesn’t want to jump off furniture?). A few practice shots to time it to the start of the movie because if I paused it there’d be the word pause on the TV. So it’s a bit soft, his hands and feet are slightly blurry because my f-stop was so low, but I was playing to keep the TV in focus and blur the clutter on our house. Other than straightening, it’s unedited and I love that it brings me back to our ‘alone’ days. I also like that it wasn’t him jumping toward me because it looks captured as it was naturally happening.

Casey Raines, Orange County CA Momtography Teacher

I love this photo of my mom and my daughter Alexa! My mom is so incredibly supportive of me and I am so happy she has such an important role in my kids lives. She is the best “Gnomma” and the smiles in this photo make my heart so full!

Kristen Baker, Farmington Valley CT Momtography Teacher

It was hard to pick just one favorite photo especially having two kids. I had a vision of this image since before I had children. I never got around to take a photo of my son in my camera bag before he got too big so I made sure that I did that for my daughter. Sometimes it’s just something sentimental and meaningful to me that makes my photo extra special in my eyes – the eyes of the photographer!

Carrie Scheetz, Columbus OH Momtography Teacher

I love this photo because it was a random Saturday afternoon in January and I was practicing a little bit, but with my (at the time) 3 year old, he was NOT into me and my camera. So as he was looking out the window, I asked him what he saw out there. He told me that he saw a bear, a tiger and a deer out there and fire (none of those were actually out there). He continued with this elaborate rambling story and I was able to snap this picture. I love the picture because it completely captures him in that moment, unposed and I remember the story he was telling me every time I look at the picture.

Jen Doolittle, Recapture Self Community Manager + Momtography Alum

My favorite photo was made with my holga, a plastic medium format camera that’s known for creating images with light leaks, blur and distortions. I love this picture (and that camera) because it was a much reminder to let go of the technical and really focus on creating images from the heart. My girls and I were down by the Bosque when they decided to get in the water. I love this moment of them going out and exploring together.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite photo?

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