EP 86: Finding The Deeper Meaning In Our Photos With Linsey Davis

Never in my wildest imagination did I expect to be broadcasting right now while quarantined at home. 

We’re currently on day 13 of my daughter being home from school, and our governor here in Virginia just made the call that schools will be closed until the fall. At the very least, a lot of our friends and their kids are grieving.

And rightfully so. There’s a lot of sadness and uncertainty right now. 

Because our reality right now is not ever something my imagination could have dreamed up as even remotely possible during this lifetime. 

Even though they are not the same, I find myself comparing the Covid 19 Pandemic to our pregnancy loss back in 2009. The trauma of both of these scenarios then and now are real. We had expectations and plans – we had imagined how life would be. And now the reality of what’s actually unfolding is totally different. It’s tragic and disappointing. 

But the cool thing about imagination is that we can use it to shift our perspective even during the hardest moments and find the good again.  

Be gentle with yourself.  

Be gentle with yourself on the days that you can’t get out of pajamas.

Be gentle with yourself when you can’t wear all the hats of mom, teacher, CEO, nurse – all of them at once. 

Be gentle with yourself when you watch the news and anxiety strikes. 

When you’re gentle, you soften, shift your perspective and use your imagination again. When you’re gentle you allow yourself to see the good that still exists.

I promise there is a gift in the eye of this pandemic and today’s episode I know will help you not only to look for it but to capture it from behind the lens of your camera. 

My guest today is Lindsay Davis. Lindsey is a documentary photographer who lives in North Florida and loves capturing ordinary life in an honest and unique way.

Through her photos, she will inspire you to treasure life’s ordinary moments. When she is not taking photos, you can find her homeschooling her five kids. I know you’re going to absolutely be inspired and hopeful after listening to her share about her personal projects and imaginative approach to picture taking. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What Linsey does to fit her documentary photography in with her life as a homeschooling mom
  • How Linsey develops her projects and how she goes about starting them
  • How Linsey benefited from learning to “follow the light” late in her creative development
  • What led to Linsey’s interest in drone photography and what her process looks like now
  • How photography can transport you back to a different time and place

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