Why I Think Every Mom Should Take a Retreat

I went on a work retreat in January that did so much for me. I got away from a huge snowstorm to someplace warm. I got to connect with amazing women, who inspired me and made me think and made me laugh. And I got to the space and time for myself to just process what is going on in my business—and to do that with a group of women who are all moms who get what it’s like to balance being a mom with running a business. You don’t get that in your day to day life a lot.

I think EVERYONE should take a retreat.

You don’t have to have a business. A retreat is opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Whether it’s business or personal, a retreat will change you.

You deserve a break

A retreat is a break from the everyday. Simply breaking out of routine and being someplace new is inspiring and can open our minds and our hearts and spark creativity.

It’s a chance to take care of yourself … instead of everybody else. Some retreats have a lot of down time, others have a lot of doing. But one thing they tend to have in common is they help you refill, refuel, replenish.

I may not always come back from a retreat rested, but I come back energized and excited and re-engaged.

You deserve a break. Maybe you don’t believe that or maybe you know you deserve it, but you just can’t. You don’t have the time. You can’t spend that money on you. Who would take care of the kids? How could it work?

Just open to the possibility right now. Dream about what it might be like to take a break to get to know and love on you again.

Reconnect with your dreams

When you give yourself time without “have tos” and “should dos”, when you step away from the laundry piles and the papers to fill out and even dinner to serve and the stories to read … you make space in your brain and in your day to do something creative. Yes, we can be creative every day, but it’s so amazing to be able to really immerse in something we love to do.

Pick up a camera, dabble with your paints, fill page after page in your journal …

Do you have days when you wonder who you are anymore? When you feel like this is all there is? (And even when “this” is raising some wonderful (most of the time) little humans, you want more. You know you have more to offer, more inside you wanting to come out.

At a retreat you can dare to dream again. Dare to say what you want. Dare to follow those dreams

You can get quiet and hear what you need to know. Your intuition is in there, and taking yourself away from your to do lists and all the people clamoring for your attention gives it a chance to speak up. And there are other people focused on similar goals or with similar dreams or interests who you can get to know.

Thrive in community

As much as a retreat gives you space to breathe and dream and listen to yourself, it also puts you in community with others. You’ll brainstorm together, create together, have getting to know you conversations, have deep conversations. Being in a safe, but vulnerable, space opens up so many channels to connect.

Because sometimes being a mom or following a dream is lonely. Having people who are there for you helps. And being in a place where everyone is opening to creativity and dreams and taking back their life is so inspiring and energizing.

A retreat will change you

A few years ago, I went on a retreat. I was cautiously optimistic, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. But that weekend long retreat changed me.

I met some of the most passionate, committed, diverse, loving women I’ve ever met—and made lifelong friends. I felt truly seen. I cracked my heart open wide —and they did too.

It was a free weekend. Free of judgement. Free of fear. Free to dream. Free to explore.

We showed up because we all wanted to uncover a bigger and better way of living. And we did.

After a weekend away, I came back different. I came back refreshed. I came back me.

Earlier, I told you that you deserved a retreat. I believe that. I hope you believe that. And I know it isn’t easy.

It isn’t easy to clear your schedule for a weekend.

It isn’t easy to arrange childcare.

It isn’t easy to share the cost with your spouse and say, “I need this.”

It isn’t easy to step out of the comfort of your routine and dare to say “I have a dream” or “I want something different.”

It isn’t easy to commit to a retreat, but you can.

You can clear your schedule and sort out childcare.

You can find a way to make the finances work.

You can dare to dream and show up vulnerable.

And you can reap the rewards of a retreat and connect deeply to yourself and the life you want so deeply to live.

I am so looking forward to gathering with an intimate group of women who are ready to dream and share and create. Women who are ready to be vulnerable and open and recapture self.

Is that you, friend?

Then join me for the Recapture Self Retreat this summer.

Together we’ll explore your wishes, your dreams and your why. We’ll dive into living your dreams with intention. And we’ll focus on community & connection. Let’s dream. Let’s connect.

Learn more about the Recapture Self Retreat.