Instead of 2015 photo project, goal, or challenge…do THIS.

The mornings right now begin with quiet. Snuggles. Cartoons and coffee on the couch. Conversations. Board games. Giggles. Lego castles and forts.

I’m loving every minute of it.

The energy in our home feels in flow. It’s soothing. And slow. And restorative.


This week between Christmas and New Year’s is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s a time to reflect and recharge and gear up for the clean slate a new year brings.

Perhaps you’ve also started to think a bit about what you want 2015 to look like. What goals you want to achieve. What techniques you want to master with your camera. What challenges you want to conquer. What project you intend to finally stick with and finish this time around. (printing photo books anyone? ::ahem::)

These types of goals can feel exciting for a bit.

And then they just get exhausting. The novelty wears off. You lose momentum. The inspiration fades. Roadblocks get set in your path (illness! activities! life!) and you start to call yourself a big failure. So you quit. And tell yourself next time you’ll do better.

What if I told you that you’re going about it all wrong?

And that instead of resolving to learn that skill, or complete the project, or finish that challenge, you did something else this year instead.

You got clear on how you’d like to FEEL in the coming year.


For me, 2014 was the year of ‘Happy’. And I’m leaving this year with more love in my heart for family, friends, home, community, connection, travel, and life than I ever have before. That fills up my soul with so so so much happiness.

Once you choose how you might like to feel, from there every action you take, every project you commit too, every challenge that comes your way, you can check it. Ensure that it fits this feeling.

Your intention.

This year I desire for YOU (yes you!) to get intentional about your year.

If I simply started 2015 off with my big resolution, project, or task it would surely be:  “print more pictures”. Get them into the books, albums, frames, and onto walls like I’ve been saying for years.

But the idea of completing this seemingly insurmountable project leaves me feeling exhausted and unmotivated and overwhelmed every time I think about it.

So as I sit in this week of calm and present energy with my family, I’ve been noticing what I like so much about it.

About the movie nights, home cooked meals together at the table, coloring and painting and Play Doh, blanket forts and journaling and writing and reading.



I want to feel like I have all the space in the world in 2015.

Space for family

Space for myself

Space for quiet

Space for connection

Space to move

Space to breathe

Space to feel

Space to explore

Space to reflect

Space for commitment

Space for my photos

I WILL get my albums and photo books printed in 2015.

I just have to make the space for it.

You can too, if you allow your intentions to lead you there.

What feeling will guide you in the coming year?

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