The Moms Guide To Photo Editing l Part II – The 3 C’s To Clean Edits

This is Part II in a 3 part series on photo editing for moms. Need to catch up? You can read Part I right HERE or Part III HERE.

DSC_0980edit650You may have heard me say before that photo editing (in my world at least) is a form of self-care. It’s an art, and the process of taking a photo from camera to beautiful masterpiece is something I enjoy. Especially when there’s that photo we expect to to be amazing straight out of the camera, but later on discover that once it’s on our computer it was dull, dark, lifeless, or otherwise lacking.

Most photos of our kids will not be professional looking right out the docket.

Unfortunately that’s a reality us moms have to come to terms with. Our lives are not set up like professional photography studios, and we can’t expect all the elements of light, posing, and camera settings to collide into perfect works of art each time we click the shutter.

We have to give our photos a little love after they’re taken to make them have that extra bit of oomf.  And fortunately, it won’t take much to make them a bit more bold, vibrant, and natural looking.

bubbles_editing_JulySo many moms want to skip photo editing all together or want a set system for their editing, because learning to go with the flow and create art can be a scary process of letting go and experimenting.  But, unfortunately it’s hard to boil down the process of artistic expression into a set of steps that will work for every photo, every time.

However, I have developed what I like to think is the closest thing to it: The 3 C’s To Clean Edits

Which is precisely what you’re going to learn about in today’s video lesson. Click play below here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • My favorite online photo editing site for moms (it’s super inexpensive and easy to use!)
  • What the 3 C’s are and how they can be applied to your photos in 5 minutes or less
  • The surprising tip that will change how you edit your photos from now on

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