Why You Need Support To Start A Project

support to start a project

One of the things I hear from people all the time is that they don’t really need a coach. Or support to start a project. They understand that people who achieve great things—from great athletes to top-level business people—have coaches to help them up-level, but they don’t get that you don’t have to be an Olympic contender or the next Oprah to benefit from a coach.

If I say, a coach could offer support to start a project, do you think:

My dream isn’t big enough.

I don’t really know what I’m doing yet.

I know what I need to do. I just need to make myself do it.

I need to get more established, more clarity, more knowledge, more … something before I work with a coach.

It’s easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking that you need to be further along before you work with a coach, but I recommend getting support for your project as early as you possibly can.

A coach can help you press the fast forward button.

They have likely been in your shoes and can quickly offer a solution that might take you hours to research. From their work with others they’ve navigated a lot of challenges and are adept at finding solutions.

And honestly, sometimes we have blind spots. We’re stuck thinking one way or we dismiss an idea without really considering it, but a coach can help us see new options and opportunities.

How does a coach offer support to start a project?

A coach supports your project by brainstorming new opportunities, holding you accountable for what you say you’ll do. They can help you identify weak spots and develop plans to strengthen them.

So you need a coach. OK, you don’t NEED a coach, but everyone (yes, you) can benefit from working with a coach, whether you want to start a business or work on a passion project.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, a coach just makes sense. Working with a coach at the start of my business was an investment, but I made it back tenfold because I was able to use my time in a much more intentional and focused way.

But what if a business isn’t on your radar? What if you have a creative dream that you don’t know how (or expect or maybe even want) to monetize?

I don’t want a business. Can a coach still support my project?

A coach can still help you gain clarity, build momentum, work past the barriers you put up for yourself, provide accountability. A coach can push you, mentor you, teach you—and save you HOURS googling things and trying to learn them all from YouTube.

I work with women who want to start businesses—whether it’s becoming a licensed Momtography™ teacher or a journaling coach or opening a bakery or whatever amazing thing you’ve dreamed up. I also work with women who have creative projects they want to move forward—writing a book, pushing forward with their own photography beyond a Momtography® class, creating a photobook …

Whether you are looking to make money or doing something for your own personal satisfaction, a coach can help. As a coach, I LOVE supporting my clients make progress on their projects —finishing that first draft of a book or launching their first class. These are clear, measurable goals.

But I also love the clarity and the ahas people have. Like a client who started out working on a photobook and ended up reconnecting with her love of music and making more space for it in her life. Or like my client who was starting a blog but realized she really wanted to write a book (and did).

Coaching may have seemed unnecessary. They could have kept chipping away at their dreams without it, but they moved ahead more quickly and got to unexpected places by having support, outside perspective, and accountability.

Wondering if coaching is right for you? Start by getting curious. That’s where I have all my clients start. Get curious about your dream and open to possibility.

Do you feel a project beckoning you to to grow into something bigger, even if you aren’t sure what “bigger” means?

Whether you are still in the “trying to figure it what you are doing stage” or clear on your dream and ready to move forward, get curious about what it would be like to have someone urging you on, helping you figure it out, and keeping you moving forward.

If the idea of a coach feels a little strange (not sure you’re ready), but you’re excited about having support in starting your own project so you can reach a new level with your dreams, let’s talk.