What My Table Taught Me About Love

Today I’m really excited to share a guest post with you from a friend and former student, Jen Doolittle. She was part of one of my very first Momtography Online classes and since that time her love of photography has grown and evolved into a beautiful blogging and self-discovery journey.
She’s a self-proclaimed lover of photo projects, and not just any old project 365 (even though she has done those), she’s done a few very special themed personal projects too. I asked her to share this one with you all today as it’s a beautiful introduction to her and what she does.
Tired and cranky, I pour myself some coffee and head to the table where I hope I can get a moment of peace. Instead I see an array of toys, leftover food and art supplies. My frustration rises as I shove it all aside and I think to myself (as I do most mornings), “Why can’t our house just be clean? Why can’t we put things where they belong? What is wrong with me?”

My table was a constant source of shame. It was always dirty and cluttered. Looking at it, I felt angry, frustrated and guilty. But it didn’t stop at my table. Those feelings extended out into other areas of my life.

I needed a change.

So I picked up my camera and starting taking pictures of my table. One everyday for a month. I thought it’d motivate me to clean since I’d be too embarrassed to show people what my table really looked like. But the clutter crept back in and I photographed it anyways.

Those daily photographs helped me see our table in a new way.

What was once a source of frustration is now a place I honor.

My camera gave me a closer look into our life. Now when I look at our table I don’t see the piles of junk.

I see imagination in the stuffed animals that seem to have a life of their own.

I see confidence as my daughter prepares her own snack.

I see warmth in time spent connecting with friends.

I see love as my husband prepares us dinner.

I see quiet in the odds and ends that find their way to our table each day.

Finding meaning in something so ordinary shows me that there are beautiful moments even on the hardest days of motherhood. It reminds me to let go of my frustration about everything I’m not doing and allows me to find appreciation for everything I am doing.

Using my camera to capture my family’s moments has taught me more than I ever thought possible.

By learning to love our mess, I am also learning to love myself.

Interested in capturing your moments? Start by photographing your children in a more meaningful way. Go beyond the snapshot and capture what it is you really love about them. Need more guidance? Let’s take a closer look together.

10359118_10100510880732787_8724606317549912975_oJen Doolittle is a mom and photographer who finds sanity in 2 things – coffee and her camera. Obsessed with photo projects, she believes in capturing life as it unfolds and loves helping moms find the beauty in their everyday. For more information on Momtography™ Mentoring, click HERE.


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