What do you want more of in your life?

I was having a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend about the idea of searching for something MORE.

We’ve both been on a quest for more this past year, and we’re both about to undergo some serious work/life changes in the coming months.

As we were talking I realized that this idea of desiring something MORE probably was not uncommon.

But more of what?

More friends? More family? More money? More quiet? More play? More sleep? More freedom?

I got stuck on this definition of MORE, because I totally could relate to what she was saying.  Life this year for us both felt tiring, exhausting, emptying.  We both knew we had to find a way out.

If you too are in this unsettled place, I challenge you to begin with one simple question:

Where is my happiness?

It might lie in more friends, family, money, quiet, play, sleep, freedom.

It’s up to you to choose an area of your life and then explore how to make it even BETTER.

I found my MORE 4 years ago behind the lens of a camera.

And since you’re are here, reading this blog, you’re probably looking for more behind the lens of a camera too. You want to take beautiful images of your children/family/pets/nature/life. Make magical memories. Feel capable with a camera in your hand and connected to the people and places you love.

My more was wrapped up in a desire to remember, and reminisce. Making memories is what makes me happy. And capturing them stunningly I’ve found makes me even happier. Through the process of documenting life in all it’s beauty (and sorrow) I found a path to greater fulfillment.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that a camera would ultimately guide me to change the trajectory of my life, my career, and my dreams.

But my camera has brought me closer to my friends, my family, and the world around me. I feel deeply connected to them and have discovered a sense of calm and peace each time I snap a photo in their direction.

And, in just 3 more work days I’m taking charge of those crazy dreams and stepping fully into my MORE when I kiss my day job goodbye.

I’m telling you I’m not anyone super special, or extra smart, or extra awesome.

I simply picked up that camera of mine at a time when I was feeling more than unsettled, opened my heart up to learning and dreaming, and practiced A LOT.

This is where exploring my more has taken me. Into a life I only dreamed about 4 years ago.

I’m still a mom just like you, who is trying to make the most of each day through the good, bad, and ugly.  I take a lot pictures that are terrible and some that are simply amazing. I have a daughter who hates posing and likes to run away when the camera comes out. I haven’t printed a photos in months and I still have not made her newborn album.

I know the challenges you face when it comes to finding more.

But, even though I can TOTALLY relate to you — I am also uber passionate about teaching you the essential photography skills to making finding your more behind the lens easier.

Because I’ll do it in an informative, creative, and easy to understand way.

I’m simply a mom who discovered how snapping pictures made me see the world in a completely new light. And I’m thrilled and honored and excited to finally have the time and space to fully lead you to a path of MORE in your life too.

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