What if you could give your pre-teen or teen…


Introducing Teentography Club!

The online community for teens and pre-teens who are looking for a space to engage with other creative kids like them! We know that by picking up a camera our teens learn to take better photos to find fun and appreciation for the world around them.
Through our monthly tutorials, video chats, challenges, bonus activities, and virtual community, your teen will find a hobby that gets them exploring and taking better photos of the world around them.

Photo Credit: Katie A., Beryl Y., Ashleigh G.

Here’s how Teentography Club is different from other virtual communities and classes:


Learning Is Manageable: We create our tutorials and skills classes in bite-sized actionable pieces so you aren’t stuck slogging through a dry, boring how-to course or getting overwhelmed with TONS of info that you can’t possibly learn and practice all at once. We know you want to be taking photos and not watching long and boring lessons. Learning time is limited so we maximize it, then get you snapping as soon as possible.

You Are Welcome Here- Exactly As You Are: I never fit in with the “cool kids” in high school, and I hate how spaces that feel like cliques where some people fit in, and other’s don’t. So when we created Teentography Club, we knew it would be a safe, welcoming space for EVERYONE. We welcome you exactly as you are and our teens embrace each other, quirks and all!

You Can’t Get It Wrong: When it comes to photography, we don’t believe everyone SHOULD have the same style or the same photos. We want you to learn to express yourself and get confident with your creative voice- so we encourage members to try techniques and see how they feel. We don’t believe in telling you what’s “right” or “wrong” with your photos, because really, if you’re feeling fully expressed, making messes, and having fun, then you can’t get it wrong!

You Get Personalized Attention: We LOVE our members and we get to know you as part of the Teentography family. Our team is extremely hands-on to answer any questions you have or to help you trouble-shoot any issues. You won’t get lost, here!


  • Why Join The Club?

    Joining Teentography Club gives you access to a membership that includes both photography skill learning and online community connections. We are on a mission to bring together kids from around the world, help them reignite their creative spark and connect with other teens around a common purpose — using a camera to capture the world around them. By the end of each month, teems will have photos they are proud to show off, a renewed commitment to creativity, and new best friends from all over the world cheering them on.

“I loved being creative with the projects like memes and illusions – and I am so grateful that I discovered tips for editing my pictures too!”

L.B., Teentography Teen

“The projects are so fun! It was a great way of forcing me to go outside and wander around to find a good picture. There were so many different ways that I could take the kits and make them my own.”

J.A., Teentography Teen

“C. is LOVING these activities! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a bright spot for her in the midst of all of this uncertainty and stress.”

S.M., Teentography Mom

Here’s what’s inside The Club:


  • Monthly Photo Skill Class: From lighting to composition to focus and more- we’re teaching you both the fundamental skills and those “extras” to make your photos works of art you will love

  • Online Teen Chats: We’ve got an ongoing community chat room where our teens can connect, dig deeper into the month’s photo skill challenge, get social with other members, and connect in our positive, fun way.


  • Our Private and Safe Community: we are using a safe 3rd part software, away from social media, where your teens can connect if they so choose. Our members’ area is a fun space to dig in to your education and meet other teens ready to create with you.

  • Monthly Photo Challenges: challenge yourself or your new online friends as you practice your photography, get feedback, and try something new every month

  • BONUS Activities: Each month we’ll drop extra photo activities that will not only up your skills, but will help you involve your family as you create memories together.

  • BONUS: Photo Skills Library: Get access to ALL of our past tutorials so you can learn anything you’ve missed.

There are quite a few memberships, subscriptions, and virtual learning spaces out there. We know you’ve got other options. Our Club is unquestionably the most interactive. And the most fun!

Photo Credit: Mandy S., Michelle A., Aline M.

Are you ready to join?

We’re waiting for you, friend!

Annual Membership

  • HI! I’M BERYL . . .


    As a former elementary school teacher, my true calling is teaching kids! I followed my passion for photography and love of education to create a community committed to growing confidence from behind the lens of a camera.  Photography is a terrific creative outlet with the power to lessen anxiety, process difficult emotions, and find bits of gratitude and joy in each and every day. We’re excited to bring photography to teens in a fun and unique way through Teentography Club.

Still have questions? We have answers!


How does this club work? Is it all online?

Yep! Right now, with everything going on in the world we’ve made Teentography Club an entirely virtual and digital community membership. But our #1 priority is in growing and fostering meaningful connections between our members.

Through monthly zoom based club meetings, virtual chats, photo challenges, projects, skill videos, and focus themes there’s something to support your teen in connecting more deeply with their camera, with the world around then, and with other club members!

What other benefits are there if my teen joins?

Beyond the support from our community coaches, you’ll also be…

  • Given access to a library of ALL of our past theme and skill videos so you can guide your own learning.
  • First in line to hear about new Teentography classes and programs as they are created
  • given access to a special “members only” discount code to take 10% off any additional virtual classes and programs you choose to enroll in during your membership

Will this club teach my teen how to use their camera?

Indirectly yes. We believe that the best way to improve your photography is through practice and consistency. Our club is designed to give your teen the continued motivation, inspiration, and guidance they need to learn specific skills and get that practice.

However, we do have other virtual programs (such as our signature “Teentography Basics” class) that are more of a step-by-step deep dive into photography skills. As a member you will have access to discounts on our virtual programs should you choose to take that deeper dive with us.

How is this club different from all the other virtual communities out there for kids?

Oooooo we’re so glad you asked! Teentography Club is about MORE than just photography. The teens here love photography, they love their camera, but what’s most important to them is what creativity adds to their life.

Here it isn’t about snapping the “perfect” photo. It’s about taking photos that allow for fun, connection, creativity, and finding balance between capturing the moments and fully experiencing them.

What Are The Membership Options?

At this time we are only offering an annual membership. Why? Because when you commit to this level of consistent practice – you’ll make the biggest improvement in your photography and make lasting connections and friends with your fellow club members!

I know your teen may have 867,542 things to do each day and adding one more thing to that aready full plate feels overwhelming.

But I also know that the cure to showing up with more joy and gratitude and fulfillment each day requires focusing on what is missing fo teens right now. Creativity. Connection. Confidence.

  • Hey, you’re still reading! Cool!

    Then I can let you in on this nugget: if you’re considering joining Teentography Club, NOW is the time to act. We’ve introduced special month-to-month pricing as our doors are just re-opening, but that monthly option will be dissapearing soon!
    Plus, as soon as you join your teen will get to jump in to this month’s lesson, discussions, activities, challenges and fun. You teen can be taking better photos by the end of TODAY!