EP 82: Making Meaningful Connections With Your Family & Your Self With Valerie Schoenfeld

In today’s episode of Capture What Matters, I’m talking to Valerie Schoenfeld, a mom of three who decided, at seven months pregnant with her third baby, that she was ready to start a photography business.

We’ll not only look at her journey through the lens of her business success but we’ll also explore her surprising realization about how a camera could bring a more meaningful connection to her family, as well as the unexpected desire she discovered for self-care.

EP 83: Making Creativity A Nonnegotiable Daily Habit With Tammy Blefeld

Then one day I had the idea to try a little experiment. What if instead of rushing straight from work to daycare, I took myself out to coffee and journaled for 10 minutes before moving on with the rest of the day?

Those after-work coffee dates were exactly the reset button I needed.

When I took those 10 minutes of creative connection, I was able to show up for everything and everyone else with more focus, energy, and attention.

And the same thing is true for today’s guest, Tammy Blefeld.