EP 87: Finding Your 2nd Act Path Through Photography With Judith Richmond

Judith Richmond will help you on the path of owning your WORTH. Judith is one of our ’empty-nester’ Momtographers who reflects back on her experience raising her two creatively wired boys. She talks with us about how her own self-worth was affected along the way, and why it’s led her to want to give back in a big way.

EP 86: Finding The Deeper Meaning In Our Photos With Linsey Davis

Through her photos, she will inspire you to treasure life’s ordinary moments. When she is not taking photos, you can find her homeschooling her five kids. I know you’re going to absolutely be inspired and hopeful after listening to her share about her personal projects and imaginative approach to picture taking.

EP 85: Parenting With Curiosity And Creativity In Mind With Dayna Abraham

Dayna and I chatted about how the more we talk about these truths, the deeper a connection we can make with our communities and with ourselves. 

And we talked about how when we learn to embrace the things that make us and our children different, we are granting ourselves permission to show up in life with more creativity, curiosity, and imagination.

EP 82: Making Meaningful Connections With Your Family & Your Self With Valerie Schoenfeld

In today’s episode of Capture What Matters, I’m talking to Valerie Schoenfeld, a mom of three who decided, at seven months pregnant with her third baby, that she was ready to start a photography business.

We’ll not only look at her journey through the lens of her business success but we’ll also explore her surprising realization about how a camera could bring a more meaningful connection to her family, as well as the unexpected desire she discovered for self-care.

EP 83: Making Creativity A Nonnegotiable Daily Habit With Tammy Blefeld

Then one day I had the idea to try a little experiment. What if instead of rushing straight from work to daycare, I took myself out to coffee and journaled for 10 minutes before moving on with the rest of the day?

Those after-work coffee dates were exactly the reset button I needed.

When I took those 10 minutes of creative connection, I was able to show up for everything and everyone else with more focus, energy, and attention.

And the same thing is true for today’s guest, Tammy Blefeld.