the recapture connection project

Let’s make this world the best place it can be for your kids…by filling YOUR cup first.

 Pause. Take a deep breath. Honor the small still voice inside craving attention.

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Your life is busy… and messy… and full. So full that you find yourself bopping from place to place, from task to task, and from thought to thought with little downtime to process, get quiet, and find space to breathe.

The Recapture Connection Project is about allowing your creative heart out to play.

During our 10 days together you’ll follow sparks of creativity and see
where they lead. Because creativity is the guiding force that connects us
to our truest, most authentic, meaningful ways of living.

Here’s how the project works:

You’ll receive 10 days of guided emails to spark
simple exercises in creative self-discovery.

We’ll notice and explore playful connection
to yourself and the world around you.

You’ll be invited to a creative support group
for deeper conversation and connection.

recapture connection project how it works

You’ll unearth your values. Get curious about the fabric of your world. Find greater meaning. Seek personal purpose. Listen more openly. Make a deeper impact in your home. In your community. And in the world at large.

The project begins with YOU.

To see all the ways YOU matter (because you do). To allow space to relax and play. Because you can’t fully serve your world until you serve yourself. ​

Are you ready to Recapture Connection? We begin March 16th.

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