Monday Momtographer: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Today’s post is brought to you by Recapture Self Community Manager, Jen Doolittle

A few weeks ago, I asked my daughter to pick up her toys downstairs. An hour later I realized that while she did pick up her toys, she didn’t actually put them away. Instead she did what she usually does –  moved her toys into a pile at the top of the stairs. It’s a habit of hers that drives me crazy. She’s so literal and I, apparently, haven’t learned how to be more specific in my ask to clean up. But that afternoon, instead of getting annoyed, I took a picture.

The beauty of our lives live in these moments. It’s the seemingly minor details that I want to remember. 5, 10 years from now I won’t be stepping over piles of toys at the top of the stairs (at least I hope I won’t be!) so why not embrace them? We don’t usually think to photograph the mundane but there’s details in them that deserve to be honored as well.

This month I asked our Momtography™ teachers to focus their cameras on the everyday, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Even though bedtime is supposed to be the time where we are calming down for the day, it can become a bit hectic, especially getting two kids ready. One thing photography has taught me is to appreciate these moments and slow down. One day they won’t need my help with the bath or putting pajamas on. Recently, my daughter started brushing her teeth on her own and she is obsessed! Instead of cleaning up the living room, I took the time to appreciate this time in her life.

~Casey Raines, Orange County CA Momtography Teacher

Photography helps me as a person be present and see. Of course it freezes a moment which you can cherish later, but it also helps you be present where you are. This image is of my son getting ready for his grandfather’s funeral. We flew cross country, were staying at a hotel, the image reveals the confusion, but this freeze lets me sit with the fact my boy is making the steps into adulthood (the tie helps). In the composition, he is not centered or looking at the lens which gives that candid feel and illustrates what mothering him feels like right now, more outside and watching.

~Sarah Cruz, West Hartford CT Momtography Teacher

Mornings are sacred quiet time in our house. On weekdays especially the TV stays off and we connect. Snuggled under blankets there are books to read, stories to be shared, and coffee or milk to sip. We are all groggy, even the dog. Living in a buzzing and busy creative household it’s these quiet mornings I know I will cherish the most. On this particular morning, the first day of Spring Break the world was quiet, the light was gorgeous, and we all stopped a minute to appreciate the connection to ourselves and each other.

~Beryl Young, Northern VA Momotography Teacher and Recapture Self Founder

As moms we are always multi-tasking, remember to make a little time each day to take care of ourselves. As photographers we are always behind the camera, remember to hand your camera off to your spouse or a friend to document special moments between you and your children.

~Kristen Baker, Farmington Valley CT Momtography Teacher


My daughter loves to be outdoors. Going on hikes, exploring the bosque, splashing in streams and creeks….I can tell she feels more at peace when away from the cars, houses and strip malls that make up our town. Over spring break we took a trip to Chaco Culture National Historic Park to learn more about our New Mexican history. As we stood there among the ancient ruins, surrounded by the high desert landscape – I felt at peace too. There was a stillness in the air and a sense of connection as we all explored together. This is what I love about photography. It’s given me the ability to slow down and create images of the tiny, magical moments infused with details I may not remember otherwise.

~Jen Doolittle, Recapture Self Community Manager and Momtography Mentor

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