Momtography® LIVE is the jumpstart photography class designed with moms in mind. With opportunities to learn DSLR or Phone Photography in person with class creator Beryl Young or in your local community with one of our certified instructors, there’s a just right opportunity for you to find confidence behind the lens of your camera. Keep reading below to find your local instructor or register for an upcoming class!

momtography® live with beryl ayn young

Learn live and in-person with Recapture Self founder - and Momtography™ Live creator - Beryl Ayn Young. I'm located in the northern Virginia area.

Our signature jumpstart class that is live and in person and delivers the basics to get great photos no matter what camera you use. Choose from our DSLR basics class and get that camera out of AUTO mode and working for you in any situation. Or our Phone Photo basics class where you'll learn the tricks and techniques to taking incredible photos with the camera that's always in your pocket! 

Momtography® Online: Camera Confidence

Prefer learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home? The online experience will give you the guidance and support you need to take better photos! 

Momtography® Online: Camera Confidence is a 5 module virtual class dedicated to cooking up better photos with your camera. Get started right now and say goodbye to AUTO mode on your DSLR camera for good! Or, learn the basics to take amazing photos with the camera you always have with you, the one on your phone! 


Prefer a live and in person Momtography™ class near your hometown? This is our current list of licensed Momtography™ teachers around the globe. 

Licensed teachers are Recapture Self class alums and/or professional photographers who have gone through an extensive application process and 4 month training to teach the live class. Click on their photo below to to find out a bit more about them, find out when their next live class is taking place, or register for their upcoming class session! 

Don't have a licensed teacher in your hometown yet? Curious to hear more about becoming a licensed teacher? Click HERE for training details. 


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