Meet A Momtographer l Sarah P.

As I gear up to release Momtographie Online back into the world soon, one of my favorite things to do is introduce you to some of the fabulous women I’ve had a chance to work with, and show you how Momtographie has helped them take better photos of the special people in their lives. Enjoy getting to know one of these lovely ladies today! 


Sarah Paul


Canon Rebel T3i

My go to lens is my 50mm prime lens

family haystack

Tell us a bit about your kids and your family

My husband, Scott and I have been married for 17 years. We have 4 kids (Caitlyn, Alex, Lucy & Piper) who keep us on our toes. We are a military family so every couple of years we pick up move to an entirely new place…soon we will leave Virginia for Alaska, our biggest adventure yet.

Tell us what you love about being a mom

I love seeing the people my kids are becoming, and looking at the world through their eyes. We expect a lot from our military kids, and they constantly amaze me with their courage and great attitudes. I loved the baby stage but now that they’re older it’s so much fun to talk to them and hear what they’re thinking.

beforesaftersarahWhat sparked your interest in photography?

I never thought that I was creative enough to take good pictures, but I started noticing friends with fancy cameras getting great pictures of my kids. I got a DSLR camera just to take higher quality photos of my kids, but after a few months I realized that I had no idea how to actually use this camera. I tried to read things or watch tutorials but nothing really stuck, and none of it seemed to speak to taking pictures of kids. Once I started learning more about my camera, I got hooked on learning more and trying to take better photos.

What was your biggest frustration and/or fear before Momtographie?

My biggest frustration before Momtographie was seeing a moment that I thought would make a great photo, but when I would go to capture it the photo wasn’t at all what I saw with my eyes. I think my biggest fear was trying to learn photography and not being any good, which is silly because I certainly wasn’t going to get any worse at taking pictures by trying to learn!

grandparents laughing

Were there any ah ha moments your remember during class? What were you able to put to use right away?

The silliest ah ha moment I had was realizing that I wasn’t even looking through the viewfinder on my camera! I was holding it in front of me and looking at the lcd screen to take my photos! I think there was really an ah ha moment every week of Momtographie, whether it was using the light or thinking about composition before taking a photo. I think the thing I could use right away was using the light to get the quality of my photos to improve, so many times my kids would be squinting into the sun and just using the light differently made a huge difference.

What did you learn about yourself from taking Momtographie class?

I have learned SO MUCH about myself, but I think the biggest thing is that I really missed having a hobby of my own. Even though taking better photos of my kids was the reason for taking Momtographie, I love having something that I like to do on my own.

piper all mine edit

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken since our work together?

I recently had a photo shoot with my kids by our cherry tree and I was able to get several great shots of my 3-year-old and all of her silly expressions. She is really tricky, so to get her personality to come through and get all of the other pieces right too, really made me feel like I accomplished something.

Where do you hope your photography journey takes you in 2016? What are you working on now?

I am currently working through the Radiate lessons and learning how to edit my photos better. I hope to get caught up on printing my photos! I also hope to continue to practice and gain confidence in taking photos of my kids.

lucy fun


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