Manifesting Magic: A Conversation with Jessica Dimas

“You’re just so sensitive!” How many times have you heard that? For many HSP’s – or highly sensitive persons – it can be a daily occurrence. But being so sensitive doesn’t have to be a negative thing! With a bit of self-care, you can find a way to harness your own creative superpower. By finding a way to begin manifesting positive changes, our speaker this week has been able to reclaim her creativity after feeling a bit lost in her new role as mom. I promise we won’t get too “woo woo” with the manifesting magic!

Today I’m chatting with Jessica Dimas — a homeschooling mom and personal development blogger who is passionate about utilizing the law of attraction and self-care on a daily basis. She is a Huffington Post contributor and has been featured on sites like Scary Mommy, Redbook, and BlogHer. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons.

Manifesting Magic with Jessica Dimas

Today Jessica and I chat about:

  • How re-defining gratitude completely changed Jessica’s life in an amazingly beautiful way.
  • The role inspired action plays in making the most of the manifestation process.
  • The importance of balance as an a highly sensitive HSP and what that looks like in Jessica’s day to day routine.
  • And Jessica will share her #1 tip for starting to use manifesting in your daily life.

You can find Jessica here:

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