Make Space for Your Dreams This Summer

Summer is a great time to slow down and create more space.

We’re usually on a different schedule or routine, which can open us up to new ideas. The mood is usually lighter and more fun focused. It may not be the most productive time, but it is a great time to create space for your dreams.

For me this summer, that looks like lowering expectations for myself and my business over the next two months. It looks like slowing down and getting quiet to see what I need.

It looks like sparklers on the 4th of July and family picnics. It looks like walking with my dog every day — even when I feel like I should be showing up for my to do list.

It looks like asking a lot of questions and accepting I don’t have all the answers. (Yet.)

In a way, it looks like stepping back, because I am stepping back from trying to do so much. But that stepping back makes space to know the next step, to recharge enough to do what I want and need to do.

3 Ways to Make Space for Your Dreams

Slow down

Simply slow down and take in your feelings and emotions. When we are going going going and doing doing doing, we stop processing what we’ve done. We stop reflecting on or noticing how we feel about what we are doing.

Celebrate what you have done! Think about what is working in your life and business right now. Notice what isn’t working for you. Ask why.

Get quiet and tap in to what your body needs. Listen to what feels good to do.

Do that. See how it feels. Adjust as needed. Repeat.

Put your to do list on hold

I love my lists. I create a very intentional to do list as part of my morning routine. My lists keep me focused and help me move toward my dreams. And I use this process with all my clients to help them move forward toward their dreams.

But sometimes we need to let go of the list or make a different kind of list. One that is really tied to what we need as a person in that moment.

Lately, I’ve needed to move gently and intentionally, so I committed to walking my dog every day. It doesn’t move my business forward. It doesn’t plug into any dream I have. But it has opened me up. It’s filling some need. And that is making space for me to move forward in places I was stuck.


We were on vacation recently and I was (mostly) unplugged. I realized that more screen-free time gives my creativity room to breathe.

What would happen if you unplugged?

Try it. See what kind of space — extra time, mental space, creative space — it creates in your life.

Turn off notifications. Delete apps from your phone. Turn off your laptop. Leave your phone in your bag. Unplug from everything for a day, a weekend or even a week. Can’t unplug completely? What about a social media break?

Sometimes the biggest step we can take toward our dreams is slowing down and easing up to give our dreams the room to breathe. It’s listening and hearing what our heart wants and filling ourselves up to get the energy to go for it.

Summer is a great time to slow down and make space for our dreams. So if you feel like you are slacking this summer or should be doing more, maybe you’re doing just the right thing.

Fall has a new energy that calls for action. You can set yourself up to move your your dreams in the fall by slowing down this summer.

What kind of space do you need? What does slowing down look like for you?

Ready to make space and explore?

Let me support you in  Imagined 1:1. I’ll work with you for 6 weeks to make space for you and your dreams. Curious? Reach out and let’s see if it’s our time to work together.