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Momtography™ LIVE is the 4 hour jumpstart DSLR photography class designed with mom, dad, teen, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or anyone else, in mind.  Meet Kd Scruggs, your Tulsa, Oklahoma local instructor!

Kd Scruggs

Tulsa, OK

Hi! Kd here, Mom to my boys and Mia (to the grands). I have eight children, three rowdy boys (16-13) at home. We have Princess our pup, Koopa the turtle, and angel fish. It’s a bit busy at times, but loads of fun! These days you can find me at college where I’m studying to be an Art Teacher or working in the RACE (Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement), teaching art, snapping/editing pictures, or enjoying nature.




My infatuation with photography hit when I was 14 years old and went on vacation to the mountains with my best friend. She loaned me her old 110 and boy, did I take some pictures. I was in love! Fast forward quite a few years and the house was quite a bit more full  (House full, heart full!) when I got my DSLR.

I set it to auto and was thrilled with that beautiful blur in the background and the detail in my pictures. But…I still had crazy shadows and getting a good picture wasn’t all that predictable. I pulled out my manual…and was SO confused. I tried google and you tube, which didn’t help me at all.  Then I heard about Momtography online. I started the course and my camera settings began making so much sense. Those terms weren’t alien anymore. My pictures were more mature, they had better composition and a depth that I achieved before sometimes, but only on accident. Now I could get these ingredients right almost all of the time because I understood my camera. It is those same ingredients that I want to help you learn for yourself. I love to teach and I love photography, combining the two is a dream. I want to help you to be able to take great pictures of your children also. Because, lets face it, as mom there are MANY things we don’t have control over, but this is one area we can nail it in! Our children won’t be this stage forever. I want you to be able to have your own memories, frozen in time; special memories, everyday memories (my favorite), once in a lifetime memories….forever. I can remember when my oldest was only 16-18 months old and we were visiting in Florida. I would take her to the beach and we would play, more like she ran head long into the ocean and mom would chase her, pulling her out before the waves overtook her. But we loved it! I have a picture of her racing into the water, laughing all the way. She is so carefree, knowing mommy was keeping her safe. Meanwhile, I was relishing in taking care of her. I want you to have those memories etched on paper so when yours are 24 and have babies of their own you can remember exactly how it felt. When you go to get them printed I want them to have you sign a release saying you actually took the picture (that is pretty satisfying)!

3 fun facts about me


I grew up in Panama City, FL. The beach and sunsets run through my veins. It is the place I taught myself to be calm when the world was in chaos. I am an overall nature lover, but there’s no place for my soul like the beach at sunset.



I LOVE ART! I love creating things. Cakes, painting, drawing, photographs. No one said it had to look awesome, the object is to have fun and relax. I love to help others with their art. I am currently in college for my Art Education degree. I almost always have my DSLR around my shoulder, and I’m so pleased with getting nice shots the majority of the time. We will learn the tools for both in our class.



Macro photography is one of my hobbies, it is SO fun! I have an ollo clip and once in a while I’ll get it out with the old phone and discover so many things around me that I didn’t even know existed before. This is a group of tiny flowers. Look at all of that pollen! I couldn’t even see it without the macro.



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Designed for the busy parent, grandparent, or family member on the go, this 4 hour jumpstart course will deliver the basics to get that camera out of AUTO mode and working for you in any situation.

During your 4 hour Momtography™ class we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Top 10 Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Kids
  • Basic Photo Composition Rules
  • Introduction to Exposure (why are my pictures from outside so bright and why are there so many shadows on faces?)
  • ISO (why are all my pictures from inside the house so dark and grainy?)
  • Shutter Speed (my baby is on the move and all of my photos are blurry!)
  • Aperture (how can I take pictures when my kitchen is such a mess?!)
  • Camera Settings
  • Basic Lens Overview
  • Backup, Printing, & Processing Overview



  • An afternoon away from the kids with the opportunity to meet and mingle with others who want to learn about their camera, just like you.
  • PDF quick guides of all course materials, notebook and pen so you’ll be able to recall what you’ve been taught long after Momtography™ is over.
  • Snacks and drinks to keep you energized and re-fueled for an afternoon of learning.
  • Access to a private Facebook group after class is over to connect with other Momtography™ students and photo lovers so you’ll be able to keep in touch, share, learn and grow together as you continue practicing what you’ve learned.

Keep in mind: if you’re hoping to learn how to effectively use flash equipment to take photos at your cousin’s wedding next month, this might not be the class for you.

In 4 hours we only have time to touch on technical basics, and I personally take 99.9% of my own photos without flash. All that extra equipment is bulky, and requires time and patience to set up and use properly which isn’t always the best option when you’re a mom on the go.

Not to worry though, that tips and techniques shared during class will have you taking photos far more crisp, clear, bright, and beautiful than you imagined possible after 4 hours of learning!


Spring 2019

Class Location


1pm-5pm or 2, 2-hour times

Cost: $199  

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Spring 2019

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