• For women ready to overcome burnout and exhaustion


    (even if you’re overwhelmed, stressed to the max, and busy supporting everyone else but yourself)


    I can’t ever seem to shut off the parts of my brain that are constantly in motion.
    I can’t find time for myself.
    Or go to bed at a normal hour.
    Everyone else needs me.
    I’m exhausted.
    I’m out of balance.
    I’m BURNT OUT.  I logically know this…

    But I shush the little voice in my head that says something is wrong with this way of living, because “this is what it’s like for every mom right now, right?”


  • The one that reminds me that there is a different way.
    The one that grants me space away from my busy mind.
    The one that encourages me to explore and play again.
    The one that infuses creativity and joy back into my routine.
    The one that reminds me that I am not just a mom.




You’re Invited To The “Imagined Journey”

What exactly is the Imagined Journey?

It’s an 8-week group mentorship program that begins January 6th, 2021. Think of Imagined as a life line back to your self, your needs (oh, and your creative dreams too!).

Imagined is all about being in a creative community with other moms who will rally around you, encourage you to take small consistent actions, ones that allow you to carve out the space for you that you SO crave.

Through a series of small tasks to try, videos to watch, actions to take, or questions to ponder – you’ll choose a “personal project” and use it as a way to trust yourself more, build your confidence muscle, and open the door of possibility wide open.

  • I love your values. The creative piece. The permission piece. The slowing down piece. It’s so easy to get pulled away by daily life…you help me do the things I really want to do and feel good about it. It’s made a HUGE difference.

    Sara Barry, Mom of 2

  • One of the really challenging things with this new reality is time. You gently encourage us to be “present not perfect” and now I give myself permission to be creative and go after my dreams in whatever form I can right now.

    Britt Marie, Mom of 2



    Beyond the day to day duties of supporting your family.

    Outside of the spaces where you hold everything together for them like glue.

    You know you still have dreams, even on the days where you give more to everyone else.

    You can feel it.

    Those dreams show up as guilty whispers.

    They are invitations to your true wishes beyond being ‘mom’.

    They matter no matter how big or small they may be.

    They are creative passion projects like…







Meet Your Imagined Journey Facilitator

  • Beryl Young

    I was never a person who carried a camera with me wherever I went. But I fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom.

    After an unexpected loss, I used my camera to heal from the intense feelings of grief that surfaced afterwards. That unexpected journey led to “Momtography” being born – turning me into an accidental business owner in a matter of months.

    As a former elementary school teacher, my true calling is helping others learn about themselves and the world around them. And now I am using that passion to help moms re-discover creativity and build their dreams.

    Photography and the creative process is a terrific outlet with the power to lessen anxiety, process difficult emotions, and find appreciation in every day. I’m excited to bring this mission to life through the Imagined Journey.

Ready to recharge your creative spark? The Imagined Journey is waiting for you friend!

  • Option 1

    $495 / Pay In Full

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021


  • Option 2

    $265 / For 2 Months

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021

This past year has been crazy, but the Imagined Journey is essential care to support you AND everyone else you care for too.

You know that saying “moms must put their oxygen mask on first”? There is truth there that we often forget. Because when we lose sight of ourselves, everything and everyone else also spirals out of control.

The Imagined Journey will lay your self-care foundation using creativity as a guidepost. That foundation will not only hold you up, but it will support everyone you care for too.

Over 8 weeks, we’ll journey through the 4 pillars of  our “Creative Spark” Framework.

I’ll blend my passion for photography, with my training as a teacher, with my experience as a life and business coach and support you through a creative project of your choosing, one that’s just for YOU.

Pillar 1: Curiosity

  • 🌟 You can’t spark your creativity or your dreams to life without getting curious.

    🌟 What is it that you really want? And why?

    🌟 When you know what you want you get really focused and clear!

    🌟 And sometimes curiosity shows us paths forward we might not have seen.

Pillar 2: Commitment

  • 🌟 You’ll explore the intersection and importance of doing BOTH inner and outer work.

    🌟 This will allow you to ground into your creative purpose.

    🌟 You’ll explore the sometimes difficult (yet exciting!) work of finding YOU and your dreams again.

    🌟 When you join Imagined, you are saying, my well being and my creativity are important to me.

Pillar 3: Connection

  • 🌟 Right about now during the journey, big emotions are stirred.

    🌟 You’ll reach places of feeling stuck, or overwhelmed.

    🌟 During this pillar we deal with all the BIG emotions that arise.

    🌟 We turn back to your why, find YES again, and reconnect.

Pillar 4: Consistency

  • 🌟 Consistency is about how to keep finding time when life gets overwhelming.

    🌟 You’ll move past the things you let get in your way before.

    🌟 Knowing what to do next…

    🌟 and after that, and after that, long after our 8-week journey is over.

Curiosity, Commitment, Connection, and Consistency are the “Creative Spark” Pillars but there is one other C you’ll find on you Imagined Journey.


Confidence isn’t so much one of the pillars of the process, but a result. One of the end goals is to help you find your confidence again through the creative process.  Confidence is about trusting your gut, using your intuition and, and living your life and business dreams in a new way. When you find your confidence you’ll know. Because you’ll see that your creative dreams are 100% worth the effort.

How does the Imagined Journey work?

Your 8 week virtual journey includes…

  • 🌟 Simple invitations (3 per week) to refocus, recharge, and rediscover your creative dreams and passions.
    🌟 Unlimited text access to Beryl for ongoing support and motivation
    🌟 A private community space (off of Facebook!) to connect with other dream builders like you
    🌟 If desired, we’ll pair you with an accountability partner to keep you focused and connected
    🌟 4 coffee hour Zoom sessions with Beryl to deep dive into each pillar of the “Creative Spark” framework

    (Total Value: $2500)

  • Option 1

    $495 / Pay In Full

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021

  • Option 2

    $265 / For 2 Months

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021

What Our Women Have Imagined:

“I would not be photographing at all if it weren’t for Momtography.  This community gave me the courage to start, the team is so generous with their time and advice.”

Beth H., Past Student

It’s so easy for us as women, moms, adults, to lose track of dreams and creativity. We fall into the trap of creativity equals hobby and job equals boring. Hearing how Beryl changed her story was inspiring and made me think outside my box. This community is a great safe space to think about what you need and what your dreams are. And…Imagined is the first online program where I’ve actually followed through! 

Katie A., Licensed Momtography Teacher

“I love this community because it’s comprised of a wonderful group of women that is always 100% supportive of each other, whether it’s related to photography, mom stuff, dreams, or life in general. I’m SO glad I discovered Momtography in 2019…wish I’d found these women sooner!”

Chris H., Past Student

If you’re saying ..

“I’m not even sure exactly what I want or need right now.”

“My dreams aren’t big enough.”

“I don’t have the right kind of creative project or dream.”

“I don’t have time to focus on dreaming right now”

I want you to know that this Imagined Journey was designed for you.

Because your creative projects, your buried passions, your wishes and desires…those are where we begin.

  • I know you probably:

    😩 Feel overwhelmed right now trying to hold it all together for your kids or family…

    😳 Know you should prioritize “self care” more…but binge watching Netflix or scheduling a mani-pedi just doesn’t feel like the REAL nourishment you need…and you’re wanting a more creative outlet…

    😭 Find yourself panic scrolling social media…for hours…late at night…the only time you get a bit of “me time” anymore…

And If Have Questions About The Imagined Journey, I have Answers!

I’m nervous but interested in this. How much time do I actually need for the Imagined Journey?

Imagined is about making a commitment to you and your dreams, so you should plan on following through with the short activities, but you can do a lot with regular, small steps. You can complete most of the lessons in about 10–15 minutes of intentional time. Plus we have weekends off so that you can catch up, integrate ideas, charge ahead on your own … And the group is there to be a support, not a distraction. We want you to keep you connected to yourself first and foremost and the group only as a space to see you’re not alone in your fears and challenges.

Reaching my dream in 8 weeks doesn’t feel realistic. What will I really accomplish?

You are right. A lot of dreams can’t be completed in 8 weeks. Creativity and dream building and self-care is an ongoing process. What I can promise, is that by the end of your Imagined Journey, you will trust yourself more and actually believe that making time for you and your dreams is not only possible, but already happening. You’ll have a method and a community that you can return to again and again when you get off track long after this journey is done. Some moms do complete a project or reach a goal all within the 8 weeks. But, reaching completion depends on what your personal project is and the time and resources you have to devote to it. Whether you finish your project or not, you will feel more alive, more grounded and more yourself because of this journey.

I feel like I need something like this journey, but I don’t know exactly what project or dream to work towards. Should I sign up?

Yes! Yes! Yes! In the first week we get really curious. This curiosity can helps you get back in touch with what feels stuck, and will help you understand your own dreams and desires better. Sometimes we have ideas that we don’t own up to or squash because they feel out of reach. Sometimes we put a lid on an idea because it’s too big or too silly. By getting curious, we’ll brainstorm the ideas that are stirring in you (without judgement!) to get clearer on the personal project you’ll work on during the rest of the journey.

Will you offer this again? I’m not ready right now

In short, we may offer this again. But, if and when we do it won’t be until 2022. This journey only happens once a year. Those of you who are so deep in a cycle of burnout may not be ready to join right now and if that’s you, then you shouldn’t. I have been there at rock bottom. Recently in fact. But some of you are ready for change. Ready for the fresh start of a new year. Ready to find you underneath all the exhaustion of 2020. One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of us may think we’re not ready when we really are. Sometimes our questioning is buried in fear: “I’m scared because I’ve never done this before” or “I could never invest in myself in this way…!” That’s normal. Fear kicks in when we are about to make a change. Honestly…in my experience it’s when you feel that fear and step into it, that’s where magic begins.

Where do I sign up?

I’m so glad you asked! Keep scrolling just a bit more register.

Imagined Journey Case Study

Beryl is a wonderful combination of coach, counselor, and friend.

She really takes the time to get to know you and your dreams, and works hard to help you get to know yourself and your dreams, too.

Before the Imagined Journey began I was worried about finding the time to fit ME into our day. With work, parenting, and other family obligations, did I have time to add one more thing to my schedule? And, more importantly, could I commit the time to really devote myself to this work and give it my best?

As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry. Beryl is a master at the process of big gains made one small step at a time. She creates meaningful lessons that are doable in 10–15 minutes. And the work was so energizing, it was easy to make it a priority.

I looked forward to my e-mails and texts, to see what we’d be working on next — it was like finding a gift in my inbox each day. And when I found myself a day or two behind — life always happens — the flexible and fluid nature of her process made it easy to catch back up and continue to make steady progress.

What passion project did I complete? I finished a manuscript for a children’s book! To find myself at the point where I’m seriously researching publishing options instead of just “somedaying” my writing is amazing.

Perhaps more importantly, she helped me take steps to start to put myself out there – the idea of which terrified me at first, but through our work together, became decidedly less frightening.

With Beryl’s guidance and support, I was able to do something that I haven’t done in years – start to remember who I am.

Kristen, mom of 1.

During the Imagined Journey, Past Clients Have:

  • 🌟 Played with different versions of “What’s next?”
    🌟 Printed several photo albums
    🌟 Became a Licensed Momtography® Facilitator
    🌟 Began creating mixed-media art again 
    🌟 Drafted an entire children’s book
    🌟 Started a photography business
    🌟 Kick-started a local walking club
    🌟 Resurrected a card making business
    🌟 Visioned the framework for an online course
    🌟 Redecorated a room at home

    I’m absolutely confident that you will love the Imagined Journey and all it has to offer, which is why we want you to give this experience a risk free try today.

    If you start the program, complete the first week of lessons, submit your work to our class portal or via email by the end of that first week, and feel like the class isn’t right for you or your family, for any reason at all, simply let our team know (via email by January 17th, 2021) and we’ll happily refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

On the Imagined Journey our clients come with personal projects and creative dreams

Dreams of all sizes. For some of our moms, the goal isn’t clear at the start, but the desire to find themselves and their bigger purpose is there.

Which is why I want you to know that even if you’re burnt out and overwhelmed: Your dream matters

You CAN still make your creativity a priority. You WILL make that space to dream, especially when life feels out of control. You’ll HAVE support, a proven process, and a community supporting you every step of the way. It may feel hard at times. The changes you make may even feel a bit scary.

But, that’s what happens when you take a journey to places you never imagined possible right now…


  • Option 1

    $495 / Pay In Full

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021

  • Option 2

    $265 / For 2 Months

    (retail: $990)

    Starts January 6th, 2021