Imagined Case Study // Tracy Murdock

Tracy Murdock is the mom of twins plus one who had quit her job and knew she wanted to do something creative.

She felt a little guilty feeling like she needed something else for herself after asking for time to be a stay at home mom.

Now she feels blessed to have time for her brain to move into creativity.

Tracy admits she was skeptical about Imagined at first. She wondered if she should just take a writing class, and Beryl encouraged these kinds of questions. Texting with Beryl made a big difference in Tracy’s decision to sign up.

Hearing “You are on the right path, even though it sounds crazy” helped her move forward. It felt like a leap of faith but one that felt right in her gut, and it paid off.

Tracy had an idea for a children’s book and thought Imagined would help her get her book going—and it did.

Tracy has written more, worked on her illustrations, and connected with other twin moms, other writers, and other self-published author/illustrators. She’s building her platform and audience. She has a plan and keeps working toward her goal of publication.

But it went beyond that.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Imagined affected every part of Tracy’s life.

Her confidence blossomed. It made her marriage stronger, and she feels like a better mom. For the first time, she isn’t looking for external validation, but rather looking inward. She’s getting past the imposter feeling when it comes to being a writer and illustrator.

“A big part of Imagined was popping the fear balloon so that I could focus on the right things—the creative piece—most of the time.”

Tracy is more confident asking for kid-free time because she’s clearer on what she is doing with that time. She’s more willing to try new things, and she’s clear on where to invest her time and money to move toward her goals.

And she talks about her project differently.

She calls herself a writer. She tells people she worked on her book today. Her husband sees her drawing or writing and knows she is working toward her goal. She’s made a huge mindset shift.

Tracy says that Imagined is really a journey to confidence and change, and she knows that if she falls off the Imagined wagon, she can recommit to the four pillars and get going again.

“My creativity enriches my life and helps me make deeper connections. I’m so thankful I did Imagined. I learned to look inside. I popped my fear bubble, and I got the confidence to follow my own path.”