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Momtography was created by a mom for moms – and our classes are taught by passion, photo loving women like you. What this means, is that you’ll learn in a simple way that is more about capturing memories in a meaningful way. With virtual or local, DSLR or Phone, moms or teens – there’s bound to be a class you or your family will love!

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Camera Confidence: Phone / Virtual Class With Melissa Barton

Camera Confidence: Phone is a 4 week virtual camera class ready to help you take incredible photos with that camera that’s ALWAYS with you, the one on your phone. No matter if you have an Apple or Android device, you’ll enjoy video lessons, PDF guidebooks, and workbooks that deliver a recipe for feeling confident and in control of your memory making. Plus you’ll have a teacher answering your questions and giving constructive feedback every step of the way. Stop wishing your phone would take better pictures, because with a few simple tricks and our Camera Confidence course it can! Download the class guide for more details HERE or tap “Sign Up” for special pricing! 

The Imagined Journey / Virtual Mentorship Program With Beryl Young

Need a way out of burnout, stress, and exhaustion? You ABSOLUTELY can still recharge your batteries right now, it just make take a bit of support and motivation from a friend or mentor who cares. Let’s carve out a space to work on your creative dreams together and live a life you never imagined possible right now shall we? The Imagined Journey Begins in early January and you’re invited! Tap “Learn More” for class details! 

Camera Confidence: Edits That Radiate / Virtual Class With Carrie Scheetz

Edits That Radiate is a 4-week virtual camera class ready to help you learn skills in the ‘digital darkroom’ to achieve photo bliss: that just right pop of color so that it doesn’t look overdone, that black and white edit with a bit of contrast and matte haze, or that vintage color effect that compliments the surroundings just right. The AWESOME news for is that you don’t need to invest in expensive programs to learn these skills. We’ve got just what you need to make photo editing a creative reset you’ll LOVE and help you become even more proud of the memories you’ve captured. Tap “Learn More” for instructor and class details!