Created for pre-teens and teens ages 8-15 our photography curriculum includes unique lessons and activities for ANY type of camera (phone, tablet, point and shoot or DSLR)! If you’re looking for a unique option to get students outside and exploring, you’re in the right place! Let us support you keeping your students creative, confident, and curious about the world around them!

  • Teentography: Digital Curriculum Kit

    Created for pre-teens and teens ages 8-15, our Teentography Digital Curriculum Kit offers your school unique set of creative activities to be done with ANY camera (phone, tablet, point and shoot or DSLR)!

    Our SEL based lessons offer a flexible starting place to: be used in art classrooms, integrated into guidance lessons, or as a way to start a photography club after school hours. Inside each kit you’ll find clearly written instructions that you and your students will be able to complete easily. Ready? Let’s get snapping!

  • Our flexible programming is customized to your group and your needs. From after school clubs, to short-term group programs…we’ve got a solution that will work for you. 

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