Creating Vision: A Conversation with Natalie Allgyer

On the Recapture Self podcast it’s our intention to give you a peek at the lives of moms and women who are balancing daily life, motherhood, and a commitment to their creative selves. These are women who are making time and space for their passion projects whether that be writing a book, designing a blog, photographing their family, or running a business.


This week I’m chatting with Natalie Allgyer.

Natalie Allgyer is a photo artist, with a fiercely creative soul who uses a camera and photoshop to display a wide array of feeling and emotion. She learned her craft on her own and continues to hone it weekly.

Born in NJ she and her husband chose Charleston, SC as the place for them to raise their daughter. It was in Charleston that Natalie found her soul, and the creativity began to flow thru the lens of her camera. At one point she decided that reality wasn’t conveying her message as deeply as she felt it so she took to photoshop. That is where the magic began.

Natalie’s whimsical style incorporates pieces of her own images that she makes with her dslr camera. It can take an upward of 20 images to create one of her works. She enjoys using elements of nature and the world around her in her art.  Her carefully curated color choices in combination with painstakingly thoughtful lighting, contrast, and texture lends itself to her empathic vibe and painterly feel.

Each of Natalie pieces are available as limited edition prints only. Once they run out that is it. There will be no more creations of that particular piece. Each print is printed on archival velvet paper, signed and numbered by Natalie herself, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Natalie’s mission is to show you the world thru her eyes while also conveying feelings and vibes that just about each and every one of us could relate to in some way. Cheers and enjoy!

You can connect and learn more about Natalie in the following places:

Website –
Instagram – @natalieallgyer
Facebook – Natalie Allgyer Fine Art

charleston fall copy_small.jpg
Image by Natalie Allgyer