Creating Community: A Conversation with Heather Gonzalez

Photo by: Jamie Romaezi

On the Recapture Self podcast it’s our intention to give you a peek at the lives of people who are balancing daily life, parenthood, and a commitment to their creative selves. These are people who are making time and space for their passion projects whether that be writing a book, designing a blog, photographing their family, or running a business.


This week I’m chatting with Heather Gonzalez.

Heather Gonzalez is a stay-at-home mom, wellness coach, lover of all things sweet, and working on living each day in gratitude. In previous chapters of her life, Heather has been an elementary teacher, math coach, and baking business owner, but found her true passion of helping other women who have gone through traumatic life events after going through one of her own.

Heather is currently working on creating an online community and blog as a safe place to connect, share, and support women as they navigate life after trauma and to help them feel less alone during this difficult stage of life.

You can connect and learn more about Heather in the following places: