Imagined Case Study // Tracy Murdock

Tracy Murdock is the mom of twins plus one who had quit her job and knew she wanted to do something creative. She felt a little guilty feeling like she needed something else for herself after asking for time to be a stay at home mom. Now she feels blessed to have time for her…

Imagined Case Study // Katie Anderson

Something was missing for Katie Anderson. She was at a crossroads professionally and personally. Her kids were getting a little older; her role as a mom was changing. She found herself asking “What’s my next step?” Imagined was fabulous for exploring that question. The space to think about what she wanted going forward was critical….

Are You Stuck on Autopilot?

Are you doing things now because you’ve always done them that way (even if you don’t really like it)? Maybe you know you’d feel better with a green smoothie first thing in the morning instead of your usual cup of coffee (not me – I need my caffeine fix! But maybe you?) Maybe you make dinner…


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