3 ways photography makes you a better mom

Pulling this one from the archives because I feel we could all use this reminder right now. Being creative and taking care of yourself is SO important. Yes, photography makes you a better mom.

This month has been a HUGE month of transition in our world.

As Virginia welcomes in cooler temperatures and the arrival of autumn, I’ve begun to embrace my new role as a work at home mom. There is a whole set of new schedules and new routines for all of us, but we’re taking it all in stride and learning to live in this new version of normal.

One constant however, has been my camera.

Over these past few weeks I’ve began to rediscover just how much it has the power to make me a more calm, focused, and happy mom. When I start to feel stressed about the to do list, or the kiddo and I get a case of cabin fever, or we’re about to experience something ‘new’ and maybe a little bit scary (like the start of preschool!), I know that I can pickup the camera and immediately feel a sense of calm, peace, and purpose.

Photography makes me (and you!) a better mom.

3 ways photography makes you a better mom

1. Seek out unique seasonal activities to do as a family

Having a desire to take photos of my family often means I’m searching for unique ways to put my camera to good use.  We love getting out and exploring the local flavor of our country town, which led us apple picking a few weeks ago.


2. Get outside and spend your free time playing in nature

When cabin fever strikes, we usually default to heading outside. Even if it’s just a short walk around the block the fresh air is invigorating and can make way for some refreshing photo ops.


3. Take a mama time out to learn and grow your skills.

When your kids see you being inquisitive and learning a new skill, they’ll likely follow in suit. Think of what a positive role model you’ll be as you gain confidence behind the lens and improve your photography!