Your most important investment

Not too long ago, I sold $100 worth of our daughter’s baby gear in one weekend, so my husband and I could afford a date night out.

The stuff held sentimental value, but it was clear that, at this point, the extra car seat, swing, bouncer, and toys were just unused ’stuff’ taking up space in our home.

My husband and I were feeling worn down, tired and stressed. He had just gotten word of an impending pay cut at work and we were pinching pennies left and right to make ends meet.


After a few weeks of wallowing in worry, we knew a night out would help refresh our spirits and bring us closer and more connected.

We desired a date night and set out to make it happen by selling the things that were weighing us down.

As a mom, I know how giving you are to the ones you love. I see your gracious spirit inside. You don’t hesitate to sign your daughter up for dance or your son up for soccer. And then get them all the tutus, cleats, equipment and costumes that come with the monthly fees. Not to mention all the time driving them to practices, games, and events.

You’d give the moon and stars for your family.

But, how many times have you wanted something and then told yourself it was just simply out of reach?

You tell yourself that right now is ‘not the right time’ for your desires, especially with all the unknowns in the world. Your typical summer jobs can’t happen, and you’re just not sure what this summer holds for you and your kids.

On top of that, your computer just died and you need a new one. Or your eyeglasses broke so all your extra funds have to go to that right now. Your budget is shot and you’re watching your spending until everything blows over.

But what if the best investment right now was in YOU? Where you blur the lines of service and self, nourishing both at the same time?

Where you’re able to renew your own energy and spirit so you can take care of your family even better…

When was the last time you did something just for YOU? Has it been awhile?

Perhaps you’re afraid. Afraid of making a commitment. afraid you won’t make good use of your purchase, afraid that you need the funds allocated elsewhere, afraid this is frivolous spending, afraid you won’t follow through.

If you’re fearful though, that’s because this purchase most likely matters. Your well-being matters. You matter.

And we’ve got 4 creative ways you can invest in yourself and go after your dreams, goals, and hobbies that bring you purpose:

  1. Set an intention. Imagine yourself already owning or doing the thing you want to do. 
  2. Purge your stuff. Sell it on the local Facebook yard sale group, craigslist, or Ebay. (yes there are still socially distanced ways to do this!) 
  3. Contact me to work out a customized payment plan OR talk over your options if you’ve got a program here in mind.
  4. Ask a family member or friend for support, help, or heck — even just ask them for permission! Sometimes talking out what I REALLY want with “my people” helps me find the creative solution or the nudge to “go for it”. 

Yes…tell the ones you love how much you need this. Your homework is to let them know:

  • How badly you want to take care of you.
  • How much this means to you.
  • How you’re going to find the resources to make this happen.
  • How your investment is going to benefit the entire family as you fuel yourself

In my role as a teacher, connector, creative guide, and friend; it’s my job to inspire you to go after bigger dreams – to become your best self.

I know you desire to feel more connected to your camera, your family, yourself, your friends, and your passions. Whatever your personal goals are, I’m dedicating myself to helping you make them happen.

Our community is here and we’re waiting to welcome you to our family with open arms.