EP 84: Turning Creative Vision Into Fine Art Photography With Natalie Allgyer

I am not a Barbie mom.

The reason I’m not a Barbie Mom is that when my daughter asks me to sit and “play” with her– whether it be with her Barbies or lego or stuffed toys–I freeze.

Imagination is not my superpower.

And…I don’t think I’m alone in this.

As a mom, my guess is you are more accustomed to cycling through your endless to-do list or getting your family from point A to point B than expressing your creativity. 

Somewhere between childhood wonder and adult responsibility, we lose sight of what it means to play. We forget how to use our imagination and express ourselves creatively.

And that is why all this month at Momtography we’re exploring imagination and how we can infuse it into our lives and our photos in a way that makes us feel excited–not awkward.

For today’s return-guest, Natalie Allgyer, (Episode #68) photography started like it does for many new moms, taking photos of just her daughter. As her photos improved and people began asking her to start a family and newborn business, something didn’t feel right.

She realized her imagination was much bigger than her reality. 

Today, Natalie and I chat about her process and the world of fine art photography. We talk about what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, use your imagination, and step forward with a healthy dose of patience and consistency.

Photography tip:

Every episode, Momtography Club community Director Jen and I sit down together and share a tip you can use to get more comfortable with your camera so you can capture more of what matters in your life. Jen’s unofficial title at Momtography is the Queen of Photo Projects. So with that in mind, this month Jen and I will be sharing photo projects to spark your imagination and inspire you to go capture, develop, and preserve more photos! 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Natalie’s story of going from mom with a camera toward fine art photography and why she didn’t go the traditional photography route as most moms do
  • How she discovered her process of intricate details and how that process is largely a process of patience 
  • The importance of mentors when we are trying to learn a new skill
  • What it takes to get a foot in the door of Fine Art Photography World 
  • And how Natalie was able to heal her crippling anxiety by embracing her imagination and expressing her creativity