EP 82: Making Meaningful Connections With Your Family & Your Self With Valerie Schoenfeld

Mom guilt. 

My guess is that you are no stranger to the complicated feelings of self-doubt, shame, and uncertainty that come with raising kids.

The guilt creeps in in all sorts of ways. 

You find yourself endlessly wondering: am I doing this right? Am I ruining my child? Will this be the terrible moment in their memory 20 years from now? 

As a new mom nine years ago, I naively thought that as my own daughter got older, these guilty feelings would subside, but here we are.

Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure how to fill the space besides swirling in more mom guilt, but I also know that my camera is there to help me reconnect, to actually see these challenges and transitions in a more positive light. 

This month at Momtography, we are exploring how moms connect, not only with their families but with themselves too.

And in today’s episode of Capture What Matters, I’m talking to Valerie Schoenfeld, a mom of three who decided, at seven months pregnant with her third baby, that she was ready to start a photography business. 

We’ll not only look at her journey through the lens of her business success but we’ll also explore her surprising realization about how a camera could bring a more meaningful connection to her family, as well as the unexpected desire she discovered for self-care.

Photography Tip:

Every episode, Momtography Club Community Director Jen and I sit down together and share a tip you can use to get more comfortable with your camera so you can capture more of what matters in your life. 

In this episode, Jen and I share a unique perspective on the photography skill of “filling the frame.” We will explore some unique tips for “filling your life” with photography that encourage you to pick up the camera more this month! 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How photography has helped Valerie reclaim her own creative confidence and shape her identity as a mom 
  • What made her decide to start a photography business when 7 months pregnant with your 3rd baby
  • How starting a business helped her realize how much she had been neglecting herself
  • How the camera has brought Valerie greater connection with her family as they make memories and learn to love photography together
  • And what internal tactical shifts Valerie has made to prioritize connection with herself and how she, like most moms, didn’t even realize self-care was a problem