Momtography Mentor: Jen Doolittle

Not sure if an online class is for you? Or would you like a more individualized experience? Jen Doolittle, is now offering one-on-one Momtography® Mentoring! If you would like more personalized support, this coaching experience will give you a clear direction and guidance to continue improving your photography.

Jen Doolittle

Albuquerque, NM

Hello! I’m Jen, mom, photographer and Recapture Self Community Manager. I live in New Mexico with my husband, our 2 daughters, 3 cats and 2 pet rats. Beyond photography, I also enjoy doing art projects with my daughters, baking, knitting and making wire wrap jewelry. In nurturing my own creative spirit, I have found my voice and discovered what I love to do – supporting other women on their journey and encouraging them to find the beauty in their everyday. I’m looking forward to being here with you on your photography journey!

my why

Growing up my dad had an old SLR. I loved that camera. It seemed so special because it lived in it’s own bag high up in the closet and only came out for vacations. While exploring new places I would point out things for him to photograph. Afterwards, those photos would go onto slides that sat in a carousel waiting to be shown. The dim room, the photos up on the screen, the sound of the slides clicking in and out of place, reliving the stories of our trip. It was magic to me.

In 2013, I signed up for Momtography® Online not realizing the impact it would have on my life. Photography has given me a creative outlet to express myself and gives me the space to process and appreciate life as it is.

Photos remind us of who we are, of the moments that matter. They let us step back, open our hearts and look at life with fresh eyes. They give us a chance to soften, to create, to express what we see. To capture what matters and that is a beautiful thing.

Photography has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Looking at photos, helping women find their voice and share their moments is what lights me up and excites me. I can’t wait to work with you!

3 fun facts

My favorite camera is a small plastic toy camera called a holga. It’s known for distorting images, letting in light and creating imperfect pictures. I love it because it reminds me to focus on the moment instead of getting too wrapped up in technical perfection.



When my daughter asked if we could get rats, my first response was NO. They totally creeped me out. But now, I think I love them more than she does! One of our rats, Snowflake, has seizures and I have to give her medicine twice a day to keep them under control.



Schedules, lists, and spreadsheets make me happy. I don’t always follow them but I like to create them and it makes me feel better to bring order to the random thoughts in my brain. I’m also obsessed with post it notes. Some of my best thinking happens when I write it down on a little 3 x 3 square.



momtography mentoring


Here’s what you can expect from your month long mentoring experience:

  • PRE-COACHING INTAKE FORM: Your experience with begin with a pre-coaching intake form to share your biggest photography struggles
  • PHOTO REVIEW: You’ll send in 5-10 photos for critique by Jen.
  • COACHING CALL: Next, a 60 minute call with Jen will be scheduled to ask questions and get feedback on your images.
  • PERSONALIZED ASSIGNMENT: From that call Jen will give you a personalized assignment based on your needs. You complete the assignment and send your resulting photos back to Jen within 2 weeks following your call.
  • ASSIGNMENT FEEDBACK: A recorded video follow up critique will be delivered to provide feedback on your assignment & answer any lingering questions you may have.
  • BONUS MATERIALS! Based on your goals, we have an e-book available for you! Topics may include manual shooting, creativity or photo editing.

What if I haven’t take Momtography® yet?

Beginners are welcome! Sign up on the VIP waitlist below or email me at and we will customize the Mentoring experience to meet your needs.

There are only 3 mentoring spots available each month. If you want to claim one of these spots, click below to register and Jen will be in touch to get the ball rolling on your mentoring session.

Cost: $300

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