A Photo Community for Moms (That All Moms Actually Have Time For)

We’ve all seen those photo challenges. Take one photo a day for an entire year to see your personal changes and growth. What a neat idea right?

You may have even tried one before. Maybe you made it a week, or maybe you made it three days. Did you feel like you “failed” that challenge? I know I’ve felt that way before.

See, I struggle with perfectionism. Did I take a photo every single day? What about those days my kids were totally not cooperating and I don’t get a cute, Facebook-worthy photo? There are too many chances to “fail” in a typical photo community.

When I began my photo journey, I started with a photo community in Flickr and was able to make friends across the globe. I had inspiration from other photographers sharing their craft, but at some point I began longing a smaller, deeper and richer conversation and community.

Which is what I’m chatting about today on the Recapture Self Podcast with Jen Doolittle.

A Photo Community for Moms (That Moms Actually Have Time For)

I needed a space where I wasn’t triggered by my perfectionistic tendencies if I missed a prompt, or was disappointed in the quality of my work, or at a loss for ideas. I fell away from photo projects, challenges, and forums because they didn’t quite fit my intention.

My ideal photo community zeroes in on making meaning behind the lens instead of snapping a photo for the sake of a project or challenge.

I wanted a place that honored the creative process from the perspective self-discovery and self-care as a mom and woman and not a place that was solely guided by the mission of photographic improvement.

And I bet you’re longing for a similar space too.

Somewhere that you can post your photos, even when they’re imperfect. Somewhere you can meet with other moms who are going through the same things you are. Somewhere that you can recapture yourself with 52 weekly prompts to remind you of the meaning in your every day moments.

Somewhere like the 52 Everyday Moments Recapture Self Community.

Come join us HERE

This year we’ve created a space where you can find meaning from your camera, your creativity, and like minded women.

On this week’s episode of Recapture Self, Jen and I are talking about the idea of ‘freshness’ through the lens of photo projects, creativity, and community.

You’ll hear a bit about how our new community came to be, how you can participate, and why we’re considering this a creative playground that’s more about the process than about completion.

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