A Coaching Session with Kate Dye

I believe in the power of magical and radical transformations. Not the kind where you end up a completely different version of yourself than where you started. But the kind where you don’t recognize yourself because you end up the very best version of yourself imaginable.

That’s what happened when Kate approached me last year curious and anxious about exploring and learning photography.

A registration at a local Momtography class got the ball rolling and soon after she approached me with a fire, determination, and passion to transform her learning into a new career path.

Now a year later Kate has quit her ‘safe’ job in education, is about to move to a new state, and is mothering the most adorable 1 year old while growing and expanding her photography business.

A few weeks ago on the Recapture Self Podcast you heard me sit down with my coach Joanna as we did a vulnerable session together.

Today the tables turn as I coach Kate — we spend just under an hour in this inspiring session chatting about her journey and exploring the fears and goals she’s working on in the months ahead.

Are you like Kate?






A bit impatient.

And a tad rebellious.

What would it mean if we took a magnifying glass to your life as a whole.

And created an experience where life starts happening FOR you instead of happening TO you.

I know when you’re still and silent you feel a space that’s beckoning you to to grow into something bigger. You may not even know right now what ‘bigger’ means.  You sense there’s more out there for you. Perhaps you long to start a business, or a non profit, or a creative project that’s outside of anything you’ve ever created before.

But you’re stuck on where to begin.

You’re not sure you’re worthy of such lofty dreams.

And these big changes require a huge leap outside of your comfort zone, where you wish you had someone to catch you when you leap and teach you how to fly.

That’s where our work together begins.

It’s the type of work where your life will not be the same after showing up.

I only work with a VERY select number of 1:1 clients during the year. If you think one of those coaching spots is meant for you and you want to chat about your goals, dreams, and radical transformations — click HERE and send me a note. I’d love to talk more.