My Most Listened To Podcasts

Today I want to talk Podcasts. Do you love ’em? Hate em? Or are you still not quite sure what they are, how to listen to them, or what purpose they serve? I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed right now which is why I’ve started to create a list of my most listened to podcasts this year.

I thought you might be interested in joining in the podcast obsession with me if you haven’t already.


Through the years, I’ve always enjoyed listening to the radio. In fact, when I was a teenager I would sleep with the radio on. It was a security blanket of sorts that gave me comfort through the night.

Radio provided an instant companion. A mysterious connection to a familiar friend hidden behind a speaker.

  • On snow days from school I’d turn on my favorite radio stations and listen all day long. Calling in for contests (and sometimes winning!), requesting my favorite songs, and trying to strike up conversation with the DJs I felt I knew so well from their radio personas.
  • My friends and I would play ‘radio show’ and pretend to be DJs – playing our favorite tunes, conducting interviews, and making each other (and our fake audiences) laugh along the way.
  • When I was a teacher, I worked with students on developing their own radio show about our school community and culture so they had a platform for creative expression during our school day.

For me, listening to radio was about instant human connection, and this year my infatuation with radio has been rekindled. Radio, especially talk radio, is making a big time comeback through podcasting, and I couldn’t be happier.

If you are looking for some new podcast inspiration, or want to start listening to podcasts but aren’t sure where to begin, this post is for you.

Step 1.

Figure out the best time and medium for you to listen. Phone? Computer? In the Car? App? Website?

My favorite time to catch up on podcasts is when I’m running on the treadmill or on a long drive. Driving can be tricky though. Several of my shows involve questionable language or subject matter so I have to be careful which shows I listen too when the kiddo is around. I’ve also been know to turn on a podcast while cleaning and organizing the house too.

I started out listening to podcasts on my iPhone and simply using Apple’s podcast app. You can search by title, or by category, and create playlists. The phone will automatically download and alert you when new episodes are available.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.04.17 AMRecently I began using a 3rd party app called Overcast. The main reason for the change was their ‘sound boost’ setting which helps increase sound when there is a lot of background noise.  This app can also speed up podcasts so you can listen faster. I haven’t tied this setting yet because I think of some sort of Alvin and the Chipmunks voice going on. But I’ve read review from people who do love this feature.

Step 2.

Curate a list of shows that you love. There are a range of podcasts out there, on every topic. 

My first podcast came to me from a friend recommending it.

One problem I ran into though was I found a few shows I loved, I’d catch up on the most current episodes, and then I’d have nothing new to listen too. ::womp womp::

Talking to friends and reading blogs helped me find new show to try. I discovered that my favorite types of shows fell into a few buckets: personal development, storytelling, entrepreneurship, creativity, and technology.

Now I have a pretty well rounded line up, and I thought seeing a list of my favorites might help you find some new shows to try this year or give you a place to begin listening.

My most listened to podcasts (with my favorite episode to date) are below. (in no particular order) I hope these will help you begin to curate your own playlists in the coming year!


replyall-square-artFavorite Podcast #1: Reply All (Technology/Storytelling) 

Ep. 19: Underdog

The episode in which hosts Alex and PJ chronicle the story of the Instagram sensation ‘Marnie The Dog’ and investigate the formula of internet dog fame. Listen HERE

downloadFavorite Podcast #2: Note To Self (Technology/Creativity) 

Why You Should Care About Lego and Creativity

An exploration into how Lego is making it harder and harder to be creative and why we could all use more creativity in our lives. Listen HERE

podcast-artwork-itunesFavorite Podcast #3: That’s What She Said (Personal Development/Entrepreneurship) 

Ep. 23: Seeing It All Differently & Going A Bit Woo

A podcast by one of the loveliest people I know, who coached me into the space you see here on the web. Find time to get quiet as Kristen takes you through an amazing visualization. Listen HERE

tal_logo.170x170-75Favorite Podcast #4: This American Life (Storytelling) 

Ep 562: The Problem We All Live With

The stories here are always compelling and leave me thirsty for more. Plus Ira Glass is one of my favs. This series on education was incredible. Listen HERE

avatars-000154503666-tuhclp-t500x500Favorite Podcast #5: Magic Lessons (Creativity) 

Ep. 1: Do What Ignites Your Soul

A podcast companion to one of my favorite books of the year ‘Big Magic’. Liz Gilbert is everything I want to be and more when it comes to creativity and coaching and I loved the peek into her sessions with both clients and experts. Listen HERE

mysteryshow-square-artFavorite Podcast #6: Mystery Show (Storytelling/Just For Fun) 

Ep. 2: Britney

This podcast brings pure fun and a bit of suspense. Each episode brings forward a mystery that can not be solved by the internet. The lengths the host goes to to solve these mysteries is unbelievable as witnessed in this episode about Britney Spears. Listen HERE

152137_logoFavorite Podcast #7: Ted Radio Hour (Personal Development) 

The Source Of Creativity

I’m a HUGE fan of Ted Talks and this allows me to get my Ted fix without having to stare a a screen for hours. Snippets of the best talks are compiled by topic and there are supplemental interviews and anecdotes by the host. Listen HERE

icon_510307Favorite Podcast #8: Invisibilia (Personal Development) 


This is personal development/psychology meets science. And the stories and findings will leave you with a glimpse into a world you oftentimes can’t see. Listen HERE

startup-square-artFavorite Podcast #9: Start Up (Entrepreneurship/Storytelling) 

How Not To Pitch A Billionaire

The show is like reality TV for the radio world. Each seasons tracks the progress of a start up business. The first season tracks the start up of the host who is starting his own podcasting company. This was the show that got me hooked on podcasting. I recommend starting from the beginning of Season 1. Listen HERE

20141110_030857_serialFavorite Podcast #10: Serial (Storytelling)

Ep. 1: The Alibi

This was the show that really started the rise of podcasting in the mainstream. If you’ve been exposed to media at all recently you’ve likely heard of this one. It tracks one compelling story over the course of a season. I recommend starting from the beginning of Season 1. Listen HERE

Oh! And now for a Bonus podcast, favorite #11. It’s a sneak peek into a podcast I hope will become a favorite for you in 2016…

RecaptureSelf_Version3Favorite Podcast #11: Recapture Self

Ep. 1: Freshness

I’ll be your host for a podcast that aims to dig deep and uncover who we are meant to be in this world. As our lives evolve and change, so do our perceptions and realities of self. This show will challenge you to live more intentionally and purposefully wherever you are on life’s journey.

Listen and subscribe HERE