Embrace Your Phone: A Start To Finish System For Printing & Preserving The Endless Photos In Your Pocket

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It all started last year when I admitted to a long time friend and mentor that four years into her little life, I still had yet to print my daughter’s baby book.

Taking photos makes me feel purposeful and alive as a mom, but the process of actually getting them off the memory card, phone, or computer was where I feel flat.

I was challenged to stop putting off printing out images, to get the baby book project on the top of my to-do list, and to recognize that I was allowing my desire for perfection hold me back from fully preserving our memories.

To this day, printing pictures remains a struggle, but I’m much more equipped to recognize what’s holding me back and ease into the process of getting my lingering projects done.

Which is exactly how my brand new online class, Embrace, was born.

Embrace promises to be a unique photography experience as we’ll be embarking on a journey to connect your whole family behind the lens as we also tackle the printing projects that have been sitting on your to-do list for months or years.

I’d like to invite you to a free 2 week mini class called Embrace Your Phone, where we’ll commit to getting a simple project off your device and into your life for good. Join a community that will leave you motivated to print more, while getting gifts checked off the to-do list before the rush of the holiday season even begins!

Click HERE now to register for this free two week adventure.

During the two week free ‘Embrace Your Phone’ mini class we’ll explore:

*A manageable system for organizing and backing up your phone photos
*A simple project to get them printed and preserved
*Support and accountability through 2 live web events
*A creative project involving the entire family behind the lens

Together, we’ll get your photos off your phone and ready to print (because a perfect photo is a printed photo)! And the project we create will not only be a perfect keepsake; but it’ll could be the PERFECT gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles too.

In other words, you’ll have a holiday gift done before the season even begins! And what busy mama doesn’t love that?

Need a few more reasons to join in? This FREE class will also include discounts and giveaways from Mpix, Print Studio and Boomf.

Are you ready to Embrace your photos? Hooray! Sign up below:[magicactionbox id=”6282″]


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