It’s not about the pictures

DSC_2309editBecoming a mom is this huge rite of passage into a phase of adulthood that is like no other. We go from having all the time in the world for our hobbies, friends, partner, or for our self to putting this little person’s needs front and center.

Like most moms would attest to, it’s big change adjusting to sleepless nights, round the clock schedules, and new experiences round every milestone moment. But even so the adventure of becoming a mom is well worth it.

However, as humans we crave connection and interaction and even though motherhood gifts us the ultimate in human connection it can leave us feeling surprisingly isolated and alone too.

DSC_1532editGone are the impromptu dinner dates with my husband, the quiet mornings of sipping coffee and reading a book, or the late night concerts with friends.

I picked up a camera before becoming a mom with none of this in mind. I simply wanted to take ‘good pictures’ because I thought that was the right thing to do for our growing family. I didn’t want our family memories to be images of washed out faces, red-eyes, and dark blurs of activity. I wanted pictures that were true to color and naturally captured our life’s story.

DSC_2174editLittle did I know that the camera would also be the cure to the constant growing pains that come with becoming a mom.

At some point during my learning how to take better pictures, I learned the true benefits that photography was gifting me.

My guess is if you take a rest from seeking out the perfect pictures, you’ll uncover these 5 others benefits that photography gifts moms as well.

1) A sense of purpose

Our identity as humans is typically wrapped up into three main things: who we live with, what we do, and what we enjoy. I never solely wanted to be identified as ‘just a mom’ and the hobbies I enjoyed pre-kiddo were not super accessible with a little one at home. Photography made me feel like I had a sense of purpose and gave me a new identity I loved.

2) A mom-friendly hobby

Pre-kids, music was a big part of my life. You could find me and my husband or friends frequently at small clubs or outdoor venues to watch our favorite bands perform. Once our daughter was born going to those shows was put on hold because of the inconvenience of messing up our schedules and routines. Learning photography however gave me a hobby I could carry and enjoy anywhere with my family!

3) An accessible form of self-care

Becoming a mom also made it more difficult to schedule in the things I used to love to do to take care of myself. Pedicures, massages, coffee dates, even reading a book sometimes felt out of reach. But I could load up the stroller or head out on a walk and bring my camera along.

4) A way to connect with my kiddo

Now that my daughter is a bit older, she’s developing an interest in photography too! We can go on scavenger hunts, she can take photos of us or her surroundings, and we’ve done some creative projects together behind the lens. I’m not the best parent when it comes to enjoying pretend play, so photography gives us a common place to connect doing an activity we both love.

5) New friends

Photography has not only built stronger connections between my and my family, but it’s gifted me some amazing new friends too. Some of my best adulthood friendships have come to be due to a common love of photography. Plus it’s refreshing to have these people whom I know I can pull my camera out with on a playdate and not get strange looks for the sheer number of pictures I snap or the odd ways I have to contort my body to get ‘em.

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