The Secret Ingredient For Cooking Up Candid Photos



One of the best things about teaching, is having the lessons I share fresh in my mind and being able to put them to use in my own life and my own pictures.

Just because I claim myself a ‘professional’ when it comes to photography, doesn’t mean I don’t need reminders from time to the about how to approach my picture taking.

And truth be told, sometimes I need a little encouragement to pick up my camera and use it now and again.

Without giving too much of the One Ingredient Fix away, we’ve been talking about the importance of infusing PLAY into our photographs. We’re exploring exactly what that means, and how we can approach this concept with our cameras.

I’ve found that play time is truly the best time for capturing your child in the most natural and candid way.

Since we’re on Spring Break this week, I’m taking full advantage of mama time with my little girl, and we headed right out to the ‘art store’ (AKA: Michaels) to pick up some new supplies to keep us both entertained.

While there, I recalled an activity from Pinterest I had pinned long ago, and made sure to pick up some pipe cleaners so we could try it out.  Brielle was immediately engrossed and I just knew I needed to get my camera in on the action too.

Below I’m sharing a few of the unedited and unposed photos that came out of our play time together, using the tips that One Ingredient Fix offers.  These were taken with minimal effort and truly capture Brie’s spirit, concentration, and personality perfectly. Don’t forget to sign up for the free challenger HERE


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