Monday Momtographer ∣ Mary

This in the 2nd in a series of ‘Meet a Momtographer’ interviews I’m hosting as I get ready to release my new Momtographie Online class into the world next month.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Mary. We met online just about 2 years ago when she was a student in the first run of my Illuminate E-course, designed for moms who have experienced pregnancy loss and are looking for a creative outlet to aid in healing. I quickly learned Mary lives locally to me, and I was thrilled to *finally* get the opportunity to meet her in person this year as a student in my Washington DC area Momtographie class! I couldn’t be happier for her, as Mary’s journey towards healing has come full circle with the birth of her 2nd child, baby Joshua.

M-2 copy


Mary Thompson


Nikon D3100 with 50mm 1.8, 35mm 1.8, 18-200mm, 70-300mm lenses

Tell us a bit about your son and his personality.

Joshua was born in July 2012, and even before he was born his personality shined.  He earned the nickname Squirmy long before his birth and has more than lived up to that name.  Just now 8 months old, he’s constantly on the go, constantly moving.  He’s generally easy going and happy.  He loves to smile and sing his own songs.


Tell us why you love being a mom!

I never knew how much I wanted to be a mom until I lost my first child at 39 weeks pregnant.  But her life and death has made me appreciate what I have even more, especially now that her little brother is here.  Like any mom, I love being able to watch him grow.  The joy in watching him discover new things is indescribable.  I’m so grateful to see him reach new milestones.  I love watching him interact with my husband.  But, most of all, I love his smile.  There’s nothing quite like that smile of recognition when I walk in to the room.  I love every moment of being a mom…even the stinky, messy parts.


Tell us what sparked your love of photography.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but it wasn’t until after my daughter died that photography became a passion.  Realizing that life was passing me by, I knew I wanted to capture LIFE as it happened; to not forget the moments that are so precious to me.


What was your biggest frustration before taking the Momtographie class?

My pictures indoors always seemed so dark and grainy (lots of digital noise)


What ah-ha moments did you have during the class? What were you able to put to use right away?

Finally understanding the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture!!!!

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken?

My favorite photo (lately) has been the pic of my son and husband playing together on the floor, where they are smiling at each other.


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