Slow down & Breathe

Moms! Yes, You Can Find More Calm, Connection, & Creativity In Each Day With Our 100 Steps Photo Project Kit. This is our proven stress reliever, where you’ll use a camera (any camera!) and complete our signature photo project created especially for exhausted moms (If you need to turn around a bad day, a rough week, or a challenging month THIS will help you’ll instantly feel more calm, connected, and creative without taking tons of time out of your already crazy schedule) .  

  • You became a mom because you wanted to create a life filled with family and love and connection.

    You knew that becoming a mom would change you.

    And you knew it would be a challenge.

    But you envisioned meeting that challenge with smiles, and laughter, and learning – creating lasting memories.

    But, the reality has been completely different.

    You now realize how overwhelming motherhood can be.

    You feel most days like what you do for your family isn’t enough,

    And you feel like you’ve lost yourself and your creative spark a bit along the way…

    But how do you find that spark, when you’re in the trenches of exhaustion? 

And how do you make time for YOU and your interests if you’re always taking care of everyone else? Let me introduce you to the:

100 Steps Photo Project Kit

Everything You Need To Find More Calm, Connection, & Creativity In Each Day (by picking up a camera – any camera!).

Why Buy The 100 Steps Project Kit?

    • SELF-CAREIt’s time to focused on positivity and gratitude! 
    • FAMILY FUN Designed for YOU, but fun enough to do with your kids too! 
    • DONE FOR YOU – You don’t have to find prompts of inspiration. We’ve got it all for you!
    • NO SUPPLIES NEEDED – Art can be messy. But a camera allows you to express your creative side without the fuss! 
    • ANY SKILL LEVEL – No previous camera experience necessary. This is for everyone!

Who is this best for?

  • MOMS

    If you have younger or school age kids you’ll love this kit as an escape that’s just for you OR a creative outlet that’s fun for you to do together (the choice is yours!)


    If you have older kids or grandchildren this is a great way to reconnect with your interests and connect to a hobby that fills your soul!

  • photographing your whole family


    No human kids? No problem! We welcome those who identify as female or claim the title of caregiver. Aunts, moms of furry children, teachers – you all will find a place in our community!

What’s included?

Inside your virtual kit you’ll get:

  • 100 Steps Project Prompts: Printable Card Deck

    (Value: $50)

    This is the backbone of your 100 steps project kit. A PDF download with a printable set of 100 cards, each with a different word or prompt to inspire your photographs as you step. We suggest several ways you can print these cards as well, from going DIY on your home printer to sending them to a 3rd party vendor to print them for you.

  • 100 Steps Project Journal

    (Value: $50)

    15+ pages in a downloadable PDF to get you started on your 100 steps journey. In this guide you’ll find prompts and planning pages that will encourage you to write down your thoughts and ideas for your 100 steps journey, and dream up the possibilities for where your project can take you.

  • 10 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Use Your 100 Steps Project Card Deck

    (Value: $50)

    Want to take your 100 steps project journey to the next level? Grab your card deck and you camera, then print this PDF guide filled with unique ways to use your photo prompts. From a simple way to use your deck for 100 days to a quick 2 card draw, there are lots of options for you to show up ‘present not perfect’ and see you world from a fresh perspective!

  • 100 Steps Journey Through The Forest: Audio Meditation

    (Value: $50)

    Sometimes you just need 10 minutes to yourself to reset. Let’s take your 100 Steps Journey into you mind with a guided audio meditation. If you’ve ever struggled with traditional meditation and breathing techniques, give this short visualization journey a try! You’ll be encourage to dream up some calming scenes and meet some new forest friends along the way. The perfect way to reset when you’re swirling or spinning with overwhelm.

  • BONUS: Momtography Club Virtual Meeting Pass

    (Value: $50)

    Creativity is best cultivated through community and we want to invite you into ours! With your kit you are invited to come to an upcoming virtual Momtography Club meeting, as our guest! Momtography Club is our virtual hangout over Zoom with moms like you who are committed to finding a fresh perspective through their camera and creative expression.

  • BONUS: 100 Steps Mantras Card Pack

    (Value: $25)

    We’ve created a bonus pack of printable cards! Our 20 mantras deck is the perfect way to reset and come back to words that remind you of what really matters.

Total Value: $275

Tools You Need To Use This Kit

A Camera // any camera will do – phone, DSLR, point and shoot, etc…

Computer and printer // This is to print out your card deck

Your Curiosity // This is where your creativity will begin to flow!

How You’ll Access Your 100 Steps Project Kit

Immediately after purchase you’ll receive instructions via email with directions for setting up a login and password on our program portal. Create your login, read the “start here” details, download your digital materials and you’ll be on your way to stepping and snapping!

What our customers say about the 100 Steps Project Kit:

About Beryl

  • Beryl was never that person who carried a camera wherever she went. But she fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. After an unexpected loss in 2011, Beryl used her camera to heal from the difficult emotions that surfaced – leading her down the incredible path of becoming an “accidental business owner”. Today Beryl has worked with thousands of families and organizations across the globe helping them use a camera to see the word from a fresh perspective. Ready to join them?


When and how will I get my kit?

Instructions for access your 100 steps project kit will arrive in your inbox immediately after purchase. Just follow the simple steps to create a login and password on our products portal and you’ll be on your way to having your kit right away!

Will I get something physical in the mail?

Nope, this kit is all digital. We’re committed to the easiest, simplest ways to be fun and creative right away!

What makes this different than other photo projects out there?

Our commitment to YOU and how you are feeling when you pick up a camera. We want to take you away from the swirling and spinning thoughts of daily life and into a simple and quick solution to come back to calm and creativity. You aren’t just getting a series of random words to photograph, you’ll be inspired to cultivate a positive and purposeful mindset every step of the way.

Can I share this kit with my nephews, neighbors, school, church, etc...

This kit grants you “family use” and includes a single household license. But – we LOVE that people want to bring the 100 steps project to other groups or organizations! More on that below…

Do you offer any other kind of licenses for schools, camps, churchs, or other groups?

Please get in touch using the “contact” link on our menu so we can set you up with our fabulous group licensing program!

Is there a real human behind this or is this another internet scam scheme?

I am so glad you asked. We are a small business that is run by a 3 person team of moms like you. And if you reach out via our contact form or email you’re going to get one of us replying to you (and we LOVE it!) Connecting with our community is the reason we do what we do.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Your happiness and well-being is our priority. Keep reading below for our refund policy and commitment to you!

  • Our Commitment To You.

    We’re absolutely confident that you will love our 100 Steps Project Kit, which is why we want you to give this experience a risk free try today.

    If you aren’t completely satisfied with your kit, we’ll grant a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. No strings, no obligations, no worries!

Not sure if you’ll find time to use this kit? Check out these customer testimonials: